October 15, 2023

Too Big For Comfort?

Hey there! I've been making little steps of progress the past year with the working blender and the scene to present it in when finished: I só look forward to be able to make a real miniature smoothie!! 😋 It's just a simple (scrapbook+printed on cardboard) mock-up type scene (see all the way down for some overview shots), since it's just to showcase a miniature. Because we'll need a bit more patience for the blender, I thought it'd be fun to show one of my kitchen miniatures I really like, while I always enjoy having a little photo-shoot. And any excuse to take out awesome miniatures from my stash and see them in a scene ;).

But although the scene is sure to not pass any building regulations (please don't report me to the 12th scale building commission 😉), I think it still looks pretty cool and fine for its purpose. The espresso machine though? Well, turns out that's a ...

December 23, 2021

holiday sparkle

Thank you for your continued patience regarding my blog. Not that you have much of a choice but still 😉 and I truly appreciate everyone here. For now I have some pictures of a simple miniature Christmas scene 🎄 I threw together, if only to

say hi and, whatever you celebrate - if anything, wish you wonderful (holi)days; especially in these weird times where

November 1, 2021

some flies you catch with vinegar rather than honey - (tiny) experiment

Wow, that's been wayyyyyyy too long! Again... 😊 Buttt... I didn't forget about this place, in fact, I've really wanted to post stuff, but same old story. And you know how I like to find ways to do something without needing much, soo..

.. a while ago I thought of something that translated into something miniature that's simple and doable for me and maybe interesting enough and worth sharing. To me anyway. Took a lot longer to be able to photograph and it's not even summer anymore, but it's spring in our southern hemisphere and isn't that like summer's foreplay? ;) And I think it's just fun, if only to see some of my treasures displayed in a scene and maybe also for anyone of you still around 😇.

it's about the fly catcher as you may have guessed from the title

July 26, 2020

take a (miniature) seat

Hey everyone, I'm back with something that actually belongs on this blog 😉, but thank you so much for your wonderful and supportive comments on my last post, it means a lot! Because I needed something a bit straight forward for now I recently started a miniature chair I've wanted to make for years. After one I've had myself that I still love and although I plan to one day make one just like it, for now I'll make a green leather version.

October 9, 2019

flower-hour ;)

Hey there beautiful soul, how did you end up here? 😉 Some tiny flower-power (hence the little wordplay of the title) I borrowed from Mother Nature. As a prop to show a little something of what I haven't been able to finish yet, just as an excuse to have some fun shooting a couple of pics.