About me

I love to design & create, this can be anything, but miniatures have become my real passion! Welcome & enjoy my blog, Monique

Hi, I'm Monique and live on the beautiful westcoast of Holland, that's also fabulously small ;). I love to create whatever possible and my mind's always full with of all sorts of ideas. Due to circumstances I could and can hardly do anything with those ideas, but fortunately since a little while I'm able to make miniatures every now and then. I must confess miniatures is what I breath so to speak and absolutely LOVE it!

My style? I like a contemporary style, but with a mix of things from the past; authentic details and objects, paneldoors and other details that give depth, maybe changed in a way to make it more contemporary, depending on what it is. What I always aim for and find important is an as realistic-as-possible-result of whatever it is I make. I want a room to look like it's lived - and has been lived - in, normal wear and tear where you would expect it. My starting point is also that someone could interpret a photo of the endresult as a photo of the real thing. I'll definitely will not always succeed at that, but everything I do and think of is with that goal in mind and gives me lots of joy. And a great thrill when I do succeed at it as much as possible!

a painting I started making of myself with 2 faces, several years in progress now, hope to finish it someday ;)
Another website I have is MoonsArt displaying paintings that I made years ago and some other things I've made way back
(I have plans for a make-over of that website, since it was my first website-design several years ago and I think it's not very good.. ;) )