December 23, 2021

holiday sparkle

Thank you for your continued patience regarding my blog. Not that you have much of a choice but still 😉 and I truly appreciate everyone here. For now I have some pictures of a simple miniature Christmas scene 🎄 I threw together, if only to

say hi and, whatever you celebrate - if anything, wish you wonderful (holi)days; especially in these weird times where

nothing is normal nor how anyone would like them and a wonderful anything may seem a bit of a stretch.
That of course doesn't take away from wishing it to all.

not all of the lights work anymore, will see if I can fix that someday - I had also glued them
a bit too generously on the top way back when, which was already the second time
and the tree isn't getting any prettier by 'ripping' out those lights again...
Will redo that too while I attempt to fix the lights by then;
no ornaments yet either, sigh... hahaha
😁 I like its perfect imperfection)

How about those Christmas M&M's on the right?
They are muskets from fondant filled Christmas chocolate musketwreaths
from a couple of years ago I kept the red and green ones (as there were also white ones with them)
that I think perfectly resemble peanut Christmas M&M's
(haven't measured them, but they look to scale to me).

a little close up of this adorable package of Christmas cookies from the cabinet (above) and tray (first photo).
Unfortunately I don't remember where I got it from, but I love it so much!

And in the spirit of Christmas and good wishes I like to end this post by sharing some words; the second half of a poem I wrote 3 or 4 years ago, also around the holidays. Simple words that I think apply now more than ever.


Fairy lights all around filling the streets
tiny sparks of hope as far as you can see,
symbolic for the wishes many of us share
for an upgraded world, one in which everyone cares
bout others and the sacredness of all life,
compassion and inclusion what I see
in this new, harmonious world

embracing our divinity.

🎄🎇💜🙏💝 I wish you all a wonderful 2022 , that it may be positively different from this one and move us into a direction of a truthful, free and above all truly loving global society where we can come together more and more in ways we have never seen before. Take care dear ones,


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Britt, you too! And a warm hug to you, Monique

  2. What a gorgeous Christmas scene! Merry Christmas to you too!

    1. Thank you for your enthousiastc compliment Geneviève, that's so lovely to hear! I wish you a very merry Christmas too!

  3. Hi Monique! Your scene looks beautiful! The lights on my trees are never properly spaced! I'm so glad you are still making minis and posting on your blog! Your tiny treats look scrumptious! And congratulations on your poetry publication! Hold onto the light from within! Have a Wonderful Christmas! :):)

    1. Hey Betsy! Thank you so much! Haha, I think that's perfectly fine, I prefer when it's slightly off ;). Yeah, I do too, I hope to be able to do some actual making soon and finish that blender, I'm very curious to how it will work making an actual miniature smoothie! That's what I'll hope it will do anyway haha :D. Thank you!! And I'll do my best, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and for you to have a festive new year celebration!

  4. Merry Christmas dear Monique. What a gorgeous little poem. I have always loved the magical sparkle of fairy lights and I don't think I will ever look at them the same again - I will love them even more.
    Thank you for sharing your mini beauty with us all.
    Anna X

    1. Thank you so much Anna, wow that's such a lovely and beautiful thing to say, it means a lot and warms my heart, thank you! And you're so welcome, I hope to be able to do that more again.

  5. Feliz Navidad.
    Nada es exagerado si es bueno y se comparte con los demás.
    Los pequeños detalles que nos enseñas se ven maravillosos.
    Un saludo

    1. Gracias Marian, espero que hayas tenido una hermosa Navidad. ¡Eso es tan cierto y gracias por sus amables cumplidos! Mis mejores deseos para ti también.

  6. I hope you had a lovely Christmas yourself. Sending you wishes for a healthy and joyful 2022.

  7. Happy Christmas Monique, certainly does not look thrown together! Stunningly realistic as always. Glad to see you find these times weird too, I've found the last two years exceptionally stressful, I've really thrown myself into my allotment these past two years, doing no dig gardening thanks to Charles Dowding, we're seeing a lot more life about and I panic bought crocuses instead of toilet paper 😃 we've got a lot of concrete jungle gardens and artificial lawns and plants popping up where I am, it's very disturbing. We seem to be increasingly anti nature these days.

  8. That's a lovely scene. I hope you had a good Christmas.

    1. Thank you Polly! Well, let's say I hope yours was a lot better than mine... ;)