September 15, 2018

blending crafts

hi there, thanks so much for stopping by. I thought it might be nice to get my ass back here a bit sooner than last time ;). For my newest project I needed help from another miniaturist, because it involves a glass part. I'm willing to try new things and make myself somehow figure out how to make something and the way I want, but attempting to blow a glass miniaturepart didn't seem like the best idea to begin with 😉 let alone being able to make it in a way that would be halfway decent. Sometimes you just need to ask a professional right? But I will try something new for it myself. Not nearly as impressive as blowing glass - or at all - but something I look forward to doing.

the micromotor at the top is what I'll use, the other one is the one I used for my fan

what this new project will be?
I'm not going to disclose that yet, but as you understand from the photo it's another motorized working minature. Not sure I'm going to include a working (tiny) switch again though, that was a bit much for my sanity, haha! It will have an even smaller engine than I used for my working fan. I thought that was the smallest micromotor commercially available, but when I looked for that a while ago for this project, I found one that's about half it's size. Which - although the other one would have been perfectly possible sizewise - is essential for what I want this miniature to have that would not be possible with the other engine. The great part is that the one I'm now using goes as fast or even faster than the fan-engine*, which makes it even more impressive I think, considering it's size.
*which has actually slowed down a bit as a result of some of the glue mishaps during 'Murphy's fase', but still fast enough to make a convincing fanspeed

So.. with that I leave you for now, I hope I can show some progress soon and you'll find out what it is then too. Have a great weekend!

ps: thanks for your help regarding the bloggerstuff, I really appreciate it! As I do all comments of course, very much so, I just haven't been able to respond to them for a while now and this will be the case for at least the forseeable future, but I hope to do that again someday! But thank you so much for your time to visit my blog and your kind comments, I truly appreciate it!


  1. Ooohhh exciting! I'm so impressed with these tiny engines and your working minis.


  2. Between your lighted mini laptop and your working mini fan you have us glued to our seats regarding your next Amazing Automated Creation!

  3. Oh, I can't wait to see what happens next...! Blown glass and mini engines..????

  4. Seguro que será tan interesante como el ventilador,no tardes mucho en mostrarlo,feliz semana:-)

  5. Wow, cant wait to see the fan in action! very impressive.