September 23, 2018

'ambition is a dream with a V8 engine' - Elvis Presley

a little engine-inspiration to title this post :D. So, it's time to let you know what I'm making with my not-so-V8-micro-engine ;). I actually gave a hint about it in the blogtitle of my previous post, 'blending crafts'. Now I've given away that hint it's probably not hard to guess anymore: it's a blender! And the photo might have given you some idea too ;).
the setup with the parts I have so far. At least it already looks like a blender ;)
I e-mailed Leo Reinders, a Dutch miniature glassblower (Arnhem fair), last year some photo's and measurements to make
 the jug for it. I picked it up when I visited the fall-fair last year and very excited about using it.

the blender I use as the model. This is the only photo I have of it, my jug fell on the floor a couple of months ago and unfortunately fell into a million pieces (no, that's not exaggerated, I counted them ;)). So happy I already had all the measurements of it and the miniversion of it had already been made. 

greasing the jug to make the model to form a mold from for the lid

the parts I have so far. The base is from a tin-metalsheet of 0.2mm thick. It's the perfect thickness for a good metal feel but it's still possible to cut with scissors (although with curves not easy I discovered). It's still straight, but I will ad something to it that will give it the beehive-wave

so that's what I have so far. Oh and I decided to make this a working miniature without a working switch. The one of the fan is still giving problems because it's too hard to keep the connection stable (it didn't work anymore not too long after I made the video of it, then I got it to work again and now for some reason it doesn't work anymore once again and I have no clue why..). And as you know to even get it was way too challenging and nervewrecking because of the ridiculous small space to work in to do the technical stuff behind the switch. So I think you get why I chose for a regular working miniature this time. And anyone who might be disappointed about that, I invite to make one with a working switch and we'll talk again, hahaha! :D

for anyone who has (and in that case understandibly) been wondering about the choice for this instead of finishing my laptop, here's why. Even regardless of some pretty major things that went wrong with the wiring the last few times I did anything with it a couple of years ago (which is impossible or next to impossible to repair) and not having been able to do any of what was needed to correct or start again with that then or since, proceeding with my laptop in general requires a concentration and steadiness that far exceed what I needed for the fan or this blender and I'm just not there yet. It's definitely on my mind and I LOVE to finally finish it and have known for years how to do that, it just takes a little bit longer to get to that level of possibilities again. But I am getting there!


  1. WOW, fantastic, you are very clever. I'm struggling with miniature curtains, they should be straightforward compared to a blender!

  2. Spectacular! I have that very same blender in my kitchen. :D

  3. You DO make the darnest thingss Monique and this working blender just is as FANTASTIC as your working fan!
    So,... will a mini smoothie soon follow? :D

  4. Wow...wish I could see it up close! This is just beyond anything I could put together!

  5. Hi Monique! To even try to make this mini as a working mini is AMAZING! The switch part is not necessary! LOL! I love the things you try to make... they are always so intricate and you achieve such awesome results! The glass jar piece is a good example... you had to get a professional mini glass maker to help!!! Bravo you! I look forward to seeing every single thing you are making! :):)

  6. woah monique, this is fantastic! the idea already.. and then getting all this small parts, especially the blender glas. chapeau!

    1. Thank you Marion! If only I knew where I put the parts I need to proceed with it haha and the opportunity to work on it, it's one of my favorite projects and I can't wait to continue with it :D

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments, I truly appreciate it!