November 17, 2013

miniature Scene - do not touch

ever had some of your miniatures broken because of actions of others? Or someone picking something up in a less then ideal manner that easily might have gone wrong? I have, damaging a few of my so carefully selfmade items (and a few almost) and I so wish to prevent more of those... And my heart too, raising it's beat to a scary level, sighing in relief when everything is safely in it's place again ;)

so what to do when you expect visitors in your home, when you won't even be there to keep an eye on your precious miniature display so nothing can happen to them?

just let them know to keep their sticky fingers to themselves with a bit of humor!
The message is clear, but without the too strict librarian feel to it. Recently my house would be invaded by a big group of my boyfriends familymembers while I would be elsewhere for healthreasons. In the days ahead looking at my bookcase, where a selection of my most precious miniatures are in plain site, ready to be picked up by little childrens - or big adult's - hands, I was not able to leave it like that. I didn't have the possibility of moving them upstairs or wanted to ask my boyfriend to keep an eye out either, which would be no fun for him and impossible to do anyway. But I also didn't want to put up a sign or anything, didn't wanna make it a big deal.

then I thought of this! I printed 4 yellow bars - with an alternative text to the one we're so familiar with from tv in a 'CSI'-font I already had - on a landscape document, tucked on some clear glossy tape over the length of the bars, cut them, taped 2 of them together to be able to cover the width of the bookcase and taped in place.

I must say, it does put a bit of éxtra attention to that part of the bookcase, where I would've prefered less or no attention for the least change of accidents by picking up etc. But I don't think anyone who saw it would have felt comfortable touching anything, do you? So I could leave with ease.. and with a smile on my face looking at it! I still have it there weeks later, because I like it so much!

have you had accidents with your miniatures by not so gentle or clumsy familymembers or other guests? And what was/is your solution to prevent future ones, be it in your presence or absence? By hiding it as far away as possible, covering it up, making it as inattractive as possible (maybe even by placing mousetraps) or do you have another way that works for you?


  1. Haha, cute idea! My answer to having my miniatures broken was to move my dollhouse into my bedroom, not nearly as much fun but waaaay safer. Roomboxes are safer on display, people don't seem to open them like they did the dollhouse.

    1. Tnx Susan! I get what your saying, that is a lot safer (putting it in your bedroom), roomboxes too. Apparently a dollhouse invites people to play with it, which is a nice nostalgic fact, but not so nice for made and/or collected treasures.

  2. What a clever solution!! So funny yet very effective. :))) I'm one of those lucky homeless girls; no possessions so no worries. But i do keep a few mini's of course. They are all safe behind glass, in a glass cabinet. But your 'CSI' tape is far more in keeping!

    ps.I hope your health issues are not too serious, or if they were, much less now then before

    1. Tnx Debora! Ah, the romance of homelessness, it does have it's appeal (the dollhouse kind, not the real kink). It's the best solution I guess, behind glass, also prevents dust from covering everything.

      My health is a complicated story, but indeed less bad now, than the years before now, in regard to my limitations although still very little is possible, but working on that!