September 2, 2011

it's christmas!

No, I'm not confused or drunk (or both) and also still very much enjoying one of the last and few sunny summerdays of the year. But since a few months every now and then I'm working on (items for) a christmaslantern from which I'd like to show something. And therefore it's Christmas in my head... Some photo's of a not very christmassy lantern right now, but hopefully in december it will be.

progress so far (UPDATE: I changed the steps by now to let them flow better, makes the thing more as a whole and is much nicer than how it was here. I'll show pictures of that sometime) UPDATE2: have a picture of that here

new and empty (since that's not very obvious ;)
with backwall of cardboard, mantel of wood with printed wallpaper, 'brush' that will become a christmastree and raised floor to be. the chair was only for me to get an idea of some sittingfurniture in de room
christmastree in progress (takes forever!) and part of the weathered, greyed and raised floor with steps (go to tutorials, tips & trics for how to get this natural weathered look)
basket for christmastree that I wove after the one I have (lower half of thin thread and the upper half with thicker thread). My first selfmade basket, pretty satisfied. Next time I want to try to make a basket finished like a real one. With this one I cut of the framework en glued a bundle of twisted thread on top as you can probably see
Rocking chair in progress for besides the fireplace. I've never made a furniture-piece before (never made a lot of things being new at miniatures ;) and regretted my choice for the first to be a rocking chair, not the easiest there is to make. To add to that I use a photo from the internet as an example, no measurements, nothing, which makes it even harder. But.... I will succeed! :) Below photo's for some progress with the legs, better said: leg. I've used existing wooden posts that I process till I have the right shape because I thought the existing shape would help, but after doing one I decided a straight rondel would be just as easy or easier.

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