February 5, 2012

just some things

there are some Christmaslanternthings I still need/want to show that I've had for a while and why not now? With the country covered in a blanket of snow, temperatures well below freezing and people skating everywhere in Holland, it might as well be (a white) Christmas ;)
just a picture with also a glance of the rocking chair this time (still very much in progress)

remember the steps before? (I used this picture in my post of September 2nd 2011 where I mentioned in an update that I had changed them for a nicer whole that I would show sometime) ....
.... well, this is how it turned out and I think the way the steps are now give them more 'flow' and is a great improvement!
and somtehing not very interesting, but want to show anyway: the back of the lantern that I'm making a hinged 'door' for. In order to hide the batteries I'm using for this project instead of a transformer because I want to be able to put the lantern on the table with Christmas without any wires. I will try to adapt the colour of the wood I'm using to the colour of the lantern of course. And will try to fit it in as well as possible in other ways (like the wallpaper I also used on the 'door') so it will blend in with the lantern nicely.

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