Monday, May 25, 2015

it's a tiny world

you'll probably know by now I enjoy amazing works of others that are unique in this world, well: I've stumbled across something again that just blew my mind! It's the work of Willard Wigan and what he does is so unbelievable, I cannot comprehend it. And not only does he make such small sculptures, his attention to detail is absolutely ridiculous. Especially considering the tiny scale he works in. It's so small you can only see his work through a microscope.

So happy I just like to make 1:12th and the occassional 1:144th scale :D

golfer on the head of a pin, look at that detail!

"Willard, a completely self taught artist, has been the subject of many discussions among micro-surgeons, nano-technologists and universities worldwide. His work is considered both inspirational and ground breaking in artistic and scientific spheres." source: Willard Wigan website

for reference to see how ridiculously small his work is; it's inside that tiny eye of a needle or on the top of a pinhead
 And here's some more of his astounding accomplishments in 'needle'work with some mindboggling details about what he uses :D

Think this is crazy? What he did here is outright bizar! ;)

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Grapenilla Exotica"

Hi guys, thank you so só much for the very kind and warm comments on my last post. That had been difficult and a bit scary for me to publish: you're the best!

For now a mini plant kind-a-thing not resembling any type I know. After I'd eaten some grapes, I was looking at the now empty branches and they looked like parts of some sort of - unknown - exotic plant to me. And so I decided it would be that and I call it 'Grapenilla Exotica', get it, get it? :D

With a cocktailstick I mixed some real plantsoil* with some tacky glue, and put it in a dish from my stash. I used some extra soil on the gluemix for a more realistic surface and pressed this gently so it would stick. Then while the gluemix was still wet I tuck in the stems and done! Easy breezy ;)

For this I lined the dish with plastic wrap to be able to remove the plant&soil at anytime so I can put mini-m&m's or something in there someday, mjam mjam :P. Of course the plastic wrap was temporary and easily removed from the soil once the glue had dried.

*tip from CaseyMini I saw in a comment on someone's blog, thanks so much for that! It includes seeving the soil, which I haven't done here as 1) I don't have a seeve (good reason right?) and 2) I wanted a coarse look to the soil as I thought it's most fitting for this kind of plant. But seeving would definitely be a good idea for most miniplants.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

patience and a TIP (collecting material for a future tutorial..)

I never wanted to, but because things keep going differently than I thought/hoped, I feel it's time to let you know that I have a progressive muscledisease. Not that you will need (or maybe even want) to know this and everyone has issues and burdens in their lives, but it feels important to me to do so. It has been very bad & incalculable for many years now and progressed again the past couple of years. Even more rapid since the beginning of January (although recently at times a bit better, thanks to treatments (except in muscleweakness). And I've always had hope of finding something to also stop the progression and even reverse: I now know of some options I believe that might and can't wait to try. But need to be stronger for that to even be possible, which I'm working on any way I can, as always).

The severity is of a kind that makes it very hard to believe how I've been able to create anything at all (just a handul of people know more or less how bad it has been for many years and is). That I have from time to time, in (very) small steps and mostly lying down, is because of different reasons, and some help from my boyfriend, but most of all: all kinds of pretty clever solutions, if I may say so myself - and I think I may :D. And what I've done has always made me incredibly happy & proud!

Unfortunately 2 years ago, among other new symptoms, my hands started to tremble from time to time, while I've gotten less control over them anyway. My vision can be weird/blurry suddenly for a while at times too. Although these are the least bad kind of all symptoms and not the reason I'm extremely limited in everyday life, but as hands and eyes are about the two most important 'tools' of any miniaturist, this is not very convenient, to put it mildly. Besides that it's quite scary of course and I have no idea how this will develop and what this will mean along the way mini- or otherwise..

Of course I'll keep doing whatever I can whenever I can and put it here, like always, because creativity is like a lifeforce to me and I couldn't even stop the ideas if I wanted to. But now you may understand why there is little, why I never finish some things, progression if any is slow, or I seem all over the place :D. But I've always rather chosen to do small steps on the only type of thing that I can at the already rare moments of opportunity, than do nothing at those moments just because I'm not able to do the kind of thing I 'need' to progress, finish or like working on most, or even second or third etc. Any step makes me happy and being flexible goes a long way!

After all this non-miniature-seriousness I'd like to share a miniature-TIP for everyone of you who, like me, would like to make a mini golden cane/butterfly palm someday. I love those, have one myself.
With the same realistic kind of stalks, ending very thinly at the end of the leaves, which is impossible to replicate I think. And even if it could be; why bother if there is material that resembles it nicely in miniature? Although not everyone will have access to it, the material for this is not only perfect but:

free (got your attention?)
and in many peoples homes - ending up in vacuumcleaners/the trash - without even realising it

Huh? What could this mystery-material be? Cat whiskers! I've been collecting them for a long time, when my eye caught them on the floor or my duvet. Having a bunch by now, perfect for a full palm.
'see' the plant already? It's just a small bunch in my hand, but imagine all of what I have in the bag, painted green and with leaves: I think it will be great!
I know this goes without saying and can't imagine anyone thinking of doing it, but just to be very clear in this day and age:

with this tip I absolutely do NOT imply or advise
anyone to pull whiskers out- or cut them - of any cat's face.

They loose them quite often and collecting them might not go fast, but neither does a collection of miniatures, it takes time. And you can always work on a (few) stalk(s) as you find them if you don't want to wait. Unless you wait for a tutorial, for me making that plant will not be in the near future. So in that case you'll have time to collect enough of them (or have them collected by family and friends with furry friends if you don't yourself) and in time I will do a tutorial on it.

Take care and till next time!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

watch & be humbled (not by me - obviously :D)

I like to share something miniaturewise with you that astounded me, something truly amazing:

"one-of-a-kind masterpiece by artist Paul Gentile. A fully-functional replica of the stunning
1903 Steinway White House grand piano" - Steinway
source: Steinway
16 years
over 12000 (!) parts
multiple disciplines (incredibly good woodcarving, painting, metalworking etc)
& the determination and patience of a saint
I am so humbled by what this man has achieved, it's incredible!

Watching these video's not only impressed me greatly, but also moved me. Especially the second where you can see how impossible it seemed for him, what kept him going and finally succeeded.

the making of this 1:7th scale extraoradinary piece of art

Update: here's an ultrashort clip of the piano being 'played' one tone (from an article I understand that this mini-Steinway "It can be played but not tuned, as the parts are too delicate to withstand the strain". and therefore it doesn't play as a normal piano, but here you can at least here a tone coming from it). It's too bad they don't play more of the keys, just to get an idea, but this is all I could find.