October 9, 2019

flower-hour ;)

Hey there beautiful soul, how did you end up here? 😉 Some tiny flower-power (hence the little wordplay of the title) I borrowed from Mother Nature. As a prop to show a little something of what I haven't been able to finish yet, just as an excuse to have some fun shooting a couple of pics.

September 23, 2018

'ambition is a dream with a V8 engine' - Elvis Presley

a little engine-inspiration to title this post :D. So, it's time to let you know what I'm making with my not-so-V8-micro-engine ;). I actually gave a hint about it in the blogtitle of my previous post, 'blending crafts'. Now I've given away that hint it's probably not hard to guess anymore: it's a blender! And the photo might have given you some idea too ;).
the setup with the parts I have so far. At least it already looks like a blender ;)
I e-mailed Leo Reinders, a Dutch miniature glassblower (Arnhem fair), last year some photo's and measurements to make

September 15, 2018

blending crafts

hi there, thanks so much for stopping by. I thought it might be nice to get my ass back here a bit sooner than last time ;). For my newest project I needed help from another miniaturist, because it involves a glass part. I'm willing to try new things and make myself somehow figure out how to make something and the way I want, but attempting to blow a glass miniaturepart didn't seem like the best idea to begin with 😉 let alone being able to make it in a way that would be halfway decent. Sometimes you just need to ask a professional right? But I will try something new for it myself. Not nearly as impressive as blowing glass - or at all - but something I look forward to doing.

the micromotor at the top is what I'll use, the other one is the one I used for my fan

what this new project will be?

August 17, 2018

furniture peace

nope, not a typo, just a little play on words ;). Since this piece of furniture was the easiest many-part-miniature I ever made. Still had some challenges, but that's okay. I love those anyway and nothing crazy. (update: none of the comments had been published until just now (20th of August) because for some reason I don't get notifications in my e-mail anymore..😠, the mysteries around my blog continue haha!)
the observant visiter or this blog will notice that the right end corner of this photo is a bit off. It's where the mdf-corner this setup is in ends, as well as the wallpaper that's folded over it ;). Since there's still no Oldtique Store, but this is the set-up it it will be in, as in the wallpaper, a wooden floor and the chair will probably be there too.

I love that it's just a bunch of wood I had laying around - old paintstirrers, tonguespatula's, coffeestirrers, wood from an old

March 25, 2018

big in small

no fiddly stuff this time :D yay! Well the drawerpulls were a bit to make, but very doable. This is even a huge miniature for me to make, hence the title. As you can probably imagine I really wanted something a little lot less nervewrenching after my working fan and this was just perfect! Not finished yet, but it takes a bit longer than I thought and felt like showing the progresss since you saw it last, a long looong time ago ;).

I'd not been able to finish it before because, besides a number of other reasons, the midsection had quite a curve. That I didn't really know