Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summertime fun: flip-flops (with tutorial & printable)

Hi again my dear followers. I appreciate you still visiting here and I'm also very happy with your kind, supporting and enthousiastic comments. Especially with very little happening here, they mean a lot!

Because of some new & old problems you wouldn't believe regarding my minilaptop (won't bore you with details), I decided to get a break from that for now, since it's getting a bit quite frustrating. And I don't mind difficulties at all, but at the moment there's also a bit much Murphy's law attached to it. Really wanted to 'just' finish it working on it whenever I'm able, but I'm not going to torture myself. I'll wait for Murphy to understand this mini-laptop is challenging enough without it's silly law adding to it! :D
a mini-beach to accomodate the flipflops, with a backdrop of a (printed) 'Zandvoort aan Zee', one of Hollands most famous beaches
And what's more fun than flip-flops? Well, a lot actually, but they do make a fun sound don't you think? I have had these in 1:1 for many years now, still like them a lot and as with many things we like in the real world, I wanted to miniaturize them. Unfortunately without the studs that are on the real ones and what I really like a lot about them. But I couldn't  do that without ruining the straps and I like them without too.
With the 100-dollar-bill beachtowel*, a backdrop of one of Holland's well known beaches and some fine sand**, it's easy to picture myself there. Enjoying the sun & the sound of the waves, flip-flops tossed aside. Until it's time to go home, all glowy & and a bit sun burned ;) One can dream right?
*as the footbed this is printed cottonsheet - available in a lot of online shops, just google for 'photofabric webshop')
**the fine sand is way too big to be in scale though, but hey, you can't have everything ;) 
you can see here that the straps of the left one are more generous than the left one (which I made first) and strangely enough the right one looks smaller alltogether, but is not.., the footbeds are exactly the same size.
And for anyone wanting to make a pair themselves: I made photo's along the way for a tutorial. And below you can also find my printables for the footbed in different colours to choose from. Because I'm well aware not everyone's a fan of everything/most things black(ish), haha, so you're not stuck to my gloomy taste in colour :P. Just use a matching or other yarncolour and ribbon/fabric for the straps. If you'd like another (general-ish or pastel) colour footbed, please let me know in a comment and I will add it here (always bare in mind the differences in screencolours though).
The printables are in the right scale, but to be sure you have the right scale for printing after opening it in the programme your using, the height of the slippers should be 2,21 cm (approx. 0,9 or 29/32 inch). I must warn you, the printing on the fabric looses a lot of the detail unfortunately..

The image is 1200 dpi, so that's not it, but the fabric just can't pick up that much detail for such a small print. I do recommend using best quality or higher dpi printing if available for the best results.

Have fun! If not making these (or other) flipflops, then enjoying the rest of the summer in whatever way you can.

Friday, August 15, 2014

tutorial real writing pencil

Hi y'all, just like to mention a tutorial I made in February of this year. And maybe gives you a nice reason to go into the summery outdoors to find the key-ingredient if you like having a goal. Or you might find it in an old stash of dried flowers like I did. Anyway, if you like it, enjoy making it!

You need:
- a thin dried stem (mine is slightly less then 1 mm thick), like the dried flower in the photo, but nature has more thin hollow stems
 - a pencil lead from a penlike pencil you normally 'feed' those to write
- a hobbyfile like mine, an emoryboard, or a piece of sandpaper stuck to something flat
- paint if you like (spraypaint works best) and then also doublesided tape to hold the pencil up

1) gently file the lead by rolling over it with the file or sandpaper, until it's thin enough to fit the hollow inside of your stem.
2) And very gently put it in the stem. If it doesn't go further, don't push, you might need to file a bit more as I had to in the left-down picture. It does break sometimes, then you can make a smaller pencil from that, a 'used' one. It can be loose a bit and the lead can shift inside the pencil, then you can put a tiny bit of superglue to the lead on the side it comes out and push it in. That way it should stay put.
3) If you want you can paint now, put it with the back on a piece of doublesided tape and (spray)paint.
4) After drying you can file/sand the point and the back till they look like the real deal.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A journey of a thousand miles...

... begins with a single step - Lao Tzu, Chinese Philosopher, 604 - 531 bc

Well, a thousand miles this is, my ever so challenging mini-laptop, I've been able to work on a bit the past few weeks! Meaning that I could finally proceed on the lighting again. In my head I've known for months what to do, but in ones head connections don't come loose all the time and once connected lights don't stay dark for unclear reasons either :).

In the real world they apparently do, with these tiny lights and ridiculously thin wiring anyway ;) [and my lack of experience in this department probably didn't help either]. I was thrilled that I was able to reconnect one of those leds to the wire again since I could't order any new ones and had a few laying around loosened form their wires and wanted to use those. And I not only managed to rewire it: it actually worked!

You see, I wasn't at all sure that that was possible, or that I could, because I have next to no experience in soldering and only have a regular solderingtip and not a special micro one that you would actually need for this kind of work. Also because the led is so small (about as big than the 'sand'/crumbs in your eyes when you wake up ;) the heat of the iron melts away that connection, so had to figure something for that too, but this makes the soldering even harder..
But it appearantly was possible, yay! But despite the soldering connections being pretty strong, surprisingly so, I had to reconnect them often because handling them they did come loose at some point, just being too delicate. And needed to solder again and again the times I could work on them, the same connections that is....

And then I finally had two together, and they didn't light up! Both of them worked, but not when tested at the same time. Later - because I kept thinking why and the connection between them had to be fine - I finally thought it might be the 3V coincell that is easy for testing. That should be fine using for 10 leds on one coincell, but that's in parallel, maybe not the series I was having my lights in. Had no idea if that would (or could) matter, knowing practically nothing about electronics (I also had to look this up, the parallel and series thing, had no idea what that was or how to call it, just knew there was a difference). But when using my 12 volts transformator, it appears that had been it, because now they lit up both! But the connection came loose again, because of having to handle them to be able to test it, no matter how careful I was. Arrghh!
Why even bother with al this right? Well, it's simple: I really want to do this. And kind of like the challenge and overcoming all the hurdles and bumps it brings (wouldn't mind skipping them or at least part of them, but they do make me móre determined, not less). And I am sure I'll get it someday, because I know it is (or should be) possible and I will succeed! Hopefully befóre I'm an ancient relic, haha!

And to show you at least something: here's the little box (can't figure out the english word for it, freely translated from Dutch it would be 'feeder') with its blue light. I haven't shown that before, although that has been ready for ages (the box I did show once, but not lit I mean). Because I wanted to show it all at once, lit laptop, the blue light, all of it. But because that is going to take a while, here it is.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A mini partyscene for a big occasion !

Yes, I have a good reason to show - of ;) - a select part of my miniature collection creating a little partyscene kind of thing because.... :

today my boyfriend and I have been together for 20 years, TWENTY years! I could write a book about him and what he means to me, but for your and my convenience - and not to bore you out of your skulls - let's just keep it at he is one amazing and truly special guy! Who is all I could ever have wished for in a man and I love him more than anything. Yes, even more than miniatures, although it's a close call, haha :D
And I am a very, VERY lucky person to have him in my life.
In two decades we went from being two somewhat insecure teenagers who fell deeply in love to gradually becoming confident adults who went through quite a lot in all those years due to different circumstances and my illness, but are still very strong together, sronger than ever actually.
this (contrasted) photo is from somewhere in the middle of our 20 years together
Although we can't go out because of me, we will celebrate this special anniversary at home with a nice stonegrill diner and just be together, which in the end is the most important thing anyway.

Cheers, to LOVE! And your soulmates or the ones I wish for you to meet if you haven't found him or her yet and wish to.

And I'm so sorry, but the snacks are gone already.. someone with a big apetite went through everything before anyone had a chance ;)
But here's a look at the empty bag (if anyone likes, I could do a tutorial on this bag someday):