December 23, 2021

holiday sparkle

Thank you for your continued patience regarding my blog. Not that you have much of a choice but still 😉 and I truly appreciate everyone here. For now I have some pictures of a simple miniature Christmas scene 🎄 I threw together, if only to

say hi and, whatever you celebrate - if anything, wish you wonderful (holi)days; especially in these weird times where

November 1, 2021

some flies you catch with vinegar rather than honey - (tiny) experiment

Wow, that's been wayyyyyyy too long! Again... 😊 Buttt... I didn't forget about this place, in fact, I've really wanted to post stuff, but same old story. And you know how I like to find ways to do something without needing much, soo..

.. a while ago I thought of something that translated into something miniature that's simple and doable for me and maybe interesting enough and worth sharing. To me anyway. Took a lot longer to be able to photograph and it's not even summer anymore, but it's spring in our southern hemisphere and isn't that like summer's foreplay? ;) And I think it's just fun, if only to see some of my treasures displayed in a scene and maybe also for anyone of you still around 😇.

it's about the fly catcher as you may have guessed from the title

July 26, 2020

take a (miniature) seat

Hey everyone, I'm back with something that actually belongs on this blog 😉, but thank you so much for your wonderful and supportive comments on my last post, it means a lot! Because I needed something a bit straight forward for now I recently started a miniature chair I've wanted to make for years. After one I've had myself that I still love and although I plan to one day make one just like it, for now I'll make a green leather version.

October 9, 2019

flower-hour ;)

Hey there beautiful soul, how did you end up here? 😉 Some tiny flower-power (hence the little wordplay of the title) I borrowed from Mother Nature. As a prop to show a little something of what I haven't been able to finish yet, just as an excuse to have some fun shooting a couple of pics.

September 23, 2018

'ambition is a dream with a V8 engine' - Elvis Presley

a little engine-inspiration to title this post :D. So, it's time to let you know what I'm making with my not-so-V8-micro-engine ;). I actually gave a hint about it in the blogtitle of my previous post, 'blending crafts'. Now I've given away that hint it's probably not hard to guess anymore: it's a blender! And the photo might have given you some idea too ;).
the setup with the parts I have so far. At least it already looks like a blender ;)
I e-mailed Leo Reinders, a Dutch miniature glassblower (Arnhem fair), last year some photo's and measurements to make