Saturday, April 4, 2015

watch & be humbled (not by me - obviously :D)

I like to share something miniaturewise with you that astounded me, something truly amazing:

"one-of-a-kind masterpiece by artist Paul Gentile. A fully-functional replica of the stunning
1903 Steinway White House grand piano" - Steinway
source: Steinway
16 years
over 12000 (!) parts
multiple disciplines (incredibly good woodcarving, painting, metalworking etc)
& the determination and patience of a saint
I am so humbled by what this man has achieved, it's incredible!

Watching these video's not only impressed me greatly, but also moved me. Especially the second where you can see how impossible it seemed for him, what kept him going and finally succeeded.

the making of this 1:7th scale extraoradinary piece of art

Update: here's an ultrashort clip of the piano being 'played' one tone (from an article I understand that this mini-Steinway "It can be played but not tuned, as the parts are too delicate to withstand the strain". and therefore it doesn't play as a normal piano, but here you can at least here a tone coming from it). It's too bad they don't play more of the keys, just to get an idea, but this is all I could find.


Thursday, February 19, 2015

bit's 'n' pieces ;)

what do you do when you have nothing to show, notthing of substance that is? you show some things in progress. Because that's what we bloggers do in times of need, right?

it's not much, but I really wanted to show something and it's a few things I had been able to do in the summer, but never got a chance to proceed with and some other stuff from a while back.

I really like and am quite proud of the design for the Oldtique Store, which is a few years old already, but still like it a lot (wow, call the newspaper, cause that's not always the case ;) )

the bags are from folded decal with magic coating. this way I could get the thin luxurious feel of the kind of bag I like for my store that couldn't be achieved with paper.
a 1:144th scale floor candelabra for the 1:144 house, with actual lights! Because I needed to cut the wires (don't even know why anymore) that had the resistors in them, I don't dare to light it now. Possibly because they're with three it will be okay on a coincell, but don't want to blow them up and ruin what I've got! I will finish the tops of the 'candles' with a small disc with a hole in the middle to finish them and to loose some of the light (it lights up pretty much now, like a torch, haha!) and with a tiny bit of glue I hope to get tiny flames the light hopefully shines through.
the 1:144th scale wooden floor for the 1:144 house. It was kind of therapeutic, but takes forever and the tiny wooden planks not easy to handle :D At least I have a cutter that makes it real easy to get the pieces the right size (the long strips are cut in length from wider strips with the same device).
Renovation work! Well, does make sense for an antiquestore doens't it ;)

I do like them, the prospect of the finished items make me eager to work on them! Since a few days I can do very little again sometimes, so hopefully soon! There's also some stuff I made months ago that don't even need much work, but finishing that for a little scene requires some things that I haven't been able to do yet and I really want to show that all at the same time.

But that will all come, count on it! Take care,

Monday, January 19, 2015

Free printable model links !

source image: Papermau
Hi everyone, I have something fun to share that can be used within our hobby or on the side: paper models and links to free (!) patterns of lots of them. From (worn down) cabins, houses, churches, industrial buildings, modern buildings, skyscrapers, to mansions & castles, roman or other monuments, asian buildings, all kinds of verhicles and much more (even a link to patterns of an entire Smithsonian Institute!) in different scales and different skilllevels.

One such link is the blog of the very generous Mauther from Brazil. Who kindly shares all the downloadable patterns of models made by Mauther on the extensive blog Papermau for free, as well as pattern links of many others. There isn't much you can think of there isn't a paper model of found on this blog.
Photobucket photo terrycottage0001_zps024a3566.jpg
source image: Papermau. Right image is from (a forum) by Major & Quasi, posted by Papermau
 photo generalstorepapermodel00101_zpsc2565578.jpg
source image: Papermau, the left model is originally from Model Buildings

Another great source for some wonderful free printable models is:
That is the creation of Ray, who's also the very generous and funny artist behind it and has some really great manors, haunted mansions and all kinds of other paper/card model pdf's to download for free! Very realistic looking and sometimes quite elaborate to build, like the amazing ghost house shown below on the left (22 pages of patterns and another 10 for instructions!). But others are a lot more doable or even fairly easy according to Ray himself. Like Starc Manor below on the right, that has a weird and creepy history of the reallife Starc Manor Ray provided as well. You can read about the history of the manors, ghostships and even a ghostcar he made patterns for as well. I much enjoyed reading them, eventhough the story's themselves are quite horrifying.
 photo ravenshaustoyhorr002_zpsa7bb8a18.jpg
source image left: Webmerchant Hubpages right image:
Someone who also makes some crazy detailed paper models is another very generous guy: Ray Keim from Haunted Dimensions.
He also freely shares his very timeconsuming designs, patterns and instructions with anyone interested. All he asks is for the credit and that it's kept free, well that's not much to ask at all is it? He also has a link for a special little project that you need to go through a short story to get to two patterns, which is a great and fun way! It's called The Knoll, a trespasser at Reeves Hall and as I understand it, it will be extended with the possibillity of Reeves Hall itself (not sure that last one would be free as well, but the two patterns you'll find there now are).
source image: Haunted Dimensions, The New Orleans Square (the ironwork is printed on transparancies)
More (but simple, especially compared to the ones above) minipapermodels that have been used for a christmasvillage by Pretzschendorf school in Pretzschendorf, Germany, can be found on the school's website. There are 48 historical buildingmodels free to be downloaded in N-scale (1:160) and Z-scale (1:220). These do not have a photofinish, but might be nice to use as basics and add materials onto it and/or paints to make them more realistic if you'd like.
And I'd like to close this 'paper-model-promotion'-article with the tiny castle Eliza from Wasting Gold Paper made. The original papermodel by Pierre Gauriat (link has pattern and instructions) is bigger, but because of the pixalation and not being afraid of a challenge Eliza decided to shrink it quite a bit and even succeeded. I think it's amazing that she pulled it off!
source image: Wasting Gold Paper

Please don't blame me if papermodelling will be another small obsession for any of you :D, because it isn't hard to imagine it could become just that. It looks like a lot of fun, as just looking at the build paper/card models online already is: enjoy!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Heppie Holidees !

Hi everyone! On the threshold of Christmas I'd like to show you a little holidayambiance, but hey, what's that? You've got mail!

And because I've been able to print it with superhigh resolution it is actually readable (with magnifying glasses that is, but that means it's photographable to be read), but I can't seem to get it on camera right, so here's the card how I made it on my laptop so you can read it well:

And the Christmaslantern has had a supersimple but a bit of a transformational makeover. When last week I decided to use the lantern for the miniature christmascard, I was annoyed the colourscheme just didn't work. Especially because the angel on the mantle didn't stick out, it just blended into the wallpaper as did other things. Meaning: that wall needed some paint. A quick paintjob of grey did the trick. And although I still like the wallpaper, I think this is much better!

The floor looks less nice on the right, but is still the same as on the left photo, in my new home I can't get daylight to be as it was on the leftphoto, I guess that's why
how about those clothespins? They're from the (mini)worldfamous Dieter Dorsch, and as with all he makes the real deal, the cards are all attached to the ribbon just by the clothespin and are removable. They are the smallest of the two sizes he makes

I will paint it a more beautiful grey someday, a warm grey I have on a cupboard that I think will be even better, see the photo below of the mantle agains that cupboard, but the grey in the lantern is what I had on hand (in reallife quite a blueish grey) and I'm very happy with for now :D.
the warm grey that I will paint it sometime later
The accessories I already had for the lantern, but the new look does them more justice. And some things I've borrowed from my stash for this 'photoshoot' to bring it all together. The star I did make this week because I really wanted to make something christmassy and the star was very doable. I made it of layers veneer, because I can't saw and this is my solution to that because veneer cuts supereasy. What made it a little less easy is that the veneer is so fragile and the stars small, it chipped layers quite a bit while cutting the new layer glued to the next. But some extra glue fixed that. And luckily it's a rustic star so the remaining imperfections are no big deal. I have it in 1:1 and it's a nice addition to this scene I think.
I changed veneers, because the light one topleft turned out to be extra fragile. The cherrytype veneer however (or pear, I have no clue what this is, I once ordered it as part of a cheap batch with different types of leftover veneers) is fine-grained and therefore sturdier, but still nice and soft, making it easy to work with (minus the chipping as this is inevitable with veneer, but hey: you can't have it all :D )
Well, that's it for this year, I really hope next year will be the year of some real projects and finishing a certain something, that of which we don't speak anymore :D. Meaning we'll have to leave Murphy and his crazy law in 2014 so he can't mess with it again ;) And a lot more looking around and commenting on your wonderful blogs, I always enjoy that!

Merry Christmas & the best New Year to you all, that it may be what you hope it to be and more!
Happy New Year 2015 Wood Wallpaper