Wednesday, July 1, 2015


nothing new, just throwing together some old items in a new setting, in front of a printed brick wall. 'Cause I like that ;)

the desk I made in 2012 and was meant as a quick and simple 'prop' to show my laptop on once finished. You've seen it before in 'a mini partyscene for a big occassion', only this time with the drawers opened. It turned out pretty good I think and am very happy with the result, especially for how I had to make it. Which - also for not paying close enough attention I guess - isn't the best example of good craftmanship, just trust me :D !

I looked up where I got the chair from, that's Mary's Miniatures, if anyone would want their own. I believe there sold in other webstores too.

the 'magazines' are cut out of an promotional page that was in a magazine once, and they happen to be in the right scale, how lucky is that? I have a bunch of them (all kinds) for use in scenes, but these seemed most fitting for this one.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

staging see 2 new miniatures in a setting. A perfectly made cocktailglass or chalice of very thin glass with gold and a great porcelain jug with bowl - both from Art of Mini, makers unknown. The cabinet you might remember from my post 'Mock up Oldtique Store', a gift for my birthday last year. I like the style for the store and although it's a bit too orange to my taste, I think it's a nice contrast to my wallpaper and floor.

I like to pretend the jug&bowl and chalice came as new arrivals in the Oldtique Store..

okay okay, the candalabra really should be kept on the floor at all times.. I had thought it would be nice on a piece of lace on the cabinet, didn't think about it further and hadn't thought of it or noticed it's out of proportion. But hey, can't think of everything and I still like the scene!
it's always like being in Hollywood with my scenes :D

So I wrapped the items in some very thin black blotter paper and pretend that's how they came in the boxes (and pretended some more about already discarded the "1:12th bubblewrap", since I don't have that, as I'm pretty sure none of you do ;) ). And the box the jug and bowl came in is out of view too I guess, since the only box I have was too small for them :D

I once made some tiny pricetags on a thin cord I liked to use here (another one is on the large candalabra) so my minicustomers can see what they would have to pay for it: 95 euro's is what one of the tags had and I thought that would be reasonable for this jug&bowl-set. It is after all in mint condition. Obviously, it's brand new, haha

I think this is such a cute set!
A better view of the glass and of course some real flowers to add a nice touch to the scene. It's Baby's Breath (Gypsophila), and was part of a bouquet of 21 georgous long red roses for our 21st anniversary. Looking closer the Baby's Breath reminded me of carnations. And what do you know: when looking for the translation of the Dutch name 'gipskruid', I discover that's no surprise: the Gypsophila is a species within the carnationfamily! I used a larger 1:12 perfumebottle that makes a perfect small vase, some water et presto! Miniflowers are ideal for ministaging and -scenes.

Then I'd like to say I'm sorry I've been absent on your blogs, even more than before.. and while I had really looked forward to doing that móre. I would really love to, but haven't been able still. But just know the intention is always and still there, I enjoy it too much. And would love to know what you're all up to and have made! Take care and till later,

Monday, May 25, 2015

it's a tiny world

you'll probably know by now I enjoy amazing works of others that are unique in this world, well: I've stumbled across something again that just blew my mind! It's the work of Willard Wigan and what he does is so unbelievable, I cannot comprehend it. And not only does he make such small sculptures, his attention to detail is absolutely ridiculous. Especially considering the tiny scale he works in. It's so small you can only see his work through a microscope.

So happy I just like to make 1:12th and the occassional 1:144th scale :D

golfer on the head of a pin, look at that detail!

"Willard, a completely self taught artist, has been the subject of many discussions among micro-surgeons, nano-technologists and universities worldwide. His work is considered both inspirational and ground breaking in artistic and scientific spheres." source: Willard Wigan website

for reference to see how ridiculously small his work is; it's inside that tiny eye of a needle or on the top of a pinhead
 And here's some more of his astounding accomplishments in 'needle'work with some mindboggling details about what he uses :D

Think this is crazy? What he did here is outright bizar! ;)

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

"Grapenilla Exotica"

Hi guys, thank you so só much for the very kind and warm comments on my last post. That had been difficult and a bit scary for me to publish: you're the best!

For now a mini plant kind-a-thing not resembling any type I know. After I'd eaten some grapes, I was looking at the now empty branches and they looked like parts of some sort of - unknown - exotic plant to me. And so I decided it would be that and I call it 'Grapenilla Exotica', get it, get it? :D

With a cocktailstick I mixed some real plantsoil* with some tacky glue, and put it in a dish from my stash. I used some extra soil on the gluemix for a more realistic surface and pressed this gently so it would stick. Then while the gluemix was still wet I tuck in the stems and done! Easy breezy ;)

For this I lined the dish with plastic wrap to be able to remove the plant&soil at anytime so I can put mini-m&m's or something in there someday, mjam mjam :P. Of course the plastic wrap was temporary and easily removed from the soil once the glue had dried.

*tip from CaseyMini I saw in a comment on someone's blog, thanks so much for that! It includes seeving the soil, which I haven't done here as 1) I don't have a seeve (good reason right?) and 2) I wanted a coarse look to the soil as I thought it's most fitting for this kind of plant. But seeving would definitely be a good idea for most miniplants.