September 15, 2018

blending crafts

hi there, thanks so much for stopping by. I thought it might be nice to get my ass back here a bit sooner than last time ;). For my newest project I needed help from another miniaturist, because it involves a glass part. I'm willing to try new things and make myself somehow figure out how to make something and the way I want, but attempting to blow a glass miniaturepart didn't seem like the best idea to begin with 😉 let alone being able to make it in a way that would be halfway decent. Sometimes you just need to ask a professional right? But I will try something new for it myself. Not nearly as impressive as blowing glass - or at all - but something I look forward to doing.

the micromotor at the top is what I'll use, the other one is the one I used for my fan

what this new project will be?

August 17, 2018

furniture peace

nope, not a typo, just a little play on words ;). Since this piece of furniture was the easiest many-part-miniature I ever made. Still had some challenges, but that's okay. I love those anyway and nothing crazy. (update: none of the comments had been published until just now (20th of August) because for some reason I don't get notifications in my e-mail anymore..😠, the mysteries around my blog continue haha!)
the observant visiter or this blog will notice that the right end corner of this photo is a bit off. It's where the mdf-corner this setup is in ends, as well as the wallpaper that's folded over it ;). Since there's still no Oldtique Store, but this is the set-up it it will be in, as in the wallpaper, a wooden floor and the chair will probably be there too.

I love that it's just a bunch of wood I had laying around - old paintstirrers, tonguespatula's, coffeestirrers, wood from an old

March 25, 2018

big in small

no fiddly stuff this time :D yay! Well the drawerpulls were a bit to make, but very doable. This is even a huge miniature for me to make, hence the title. As you can probably imagine I really wanted something a little lot less nervewrenching after my working fan and this was just perfect! Not finished yet, but it takes a bit longer than I thought and felt like showing the progresss since you saw it last, a long looong time ago ;).

I'd not been able to finish it before because, besides a number of other reasons, the midsection had quite a curve. That I didn't really know

January 26, 2018

fan-fun: working tablefan with tiny working switch!

hi everyone, I'm so happy to say I got the tiny switch to work!!! So finally a succesful fan-tastic challenge, yay!

of course you have to see a miniature like this in action so I made a video of it: enjoy!

don't ask me how I did it though. A while ago (after lots of trying, exploring unused parts of my brain and trying some more) I had reluctantly

January 17, 2018

Murphy's law and serious test in patience..

didn't plan any update before finished because I've been at the verge of that since my last post (since before actually), but feel like it with what happened today, again. I was literally finishing the working switch a couple of times over the past 2 months when something happened that brought me back quite a number of steps of the fan itself. Then today it fell on the floor, because the wires got stuck in my sleeve when I tried to comfort my cat who was in a bit of distress (she has dimentia). I didn't notice until it fell. Doesn't sound too bad and thought I could fix that quite easily despite the delicacy of the thin metal I used and not easy to handle either. But wasn't too worried, just kind of annoyed. It didn't go how I thought or expected however and might mean I need to make several parts again...

here's the last photo's before that happened:

how it looked before it went wrong the last of several times
making miniatures I'm used to challenges, like we all are. Comes with the territory right? They're fine and part of the fun, no matter