March 25, 2018

big in small

no fiddly stuff this time :D yay! Well the drawerpulls were a bit to make, but very doable. This is even a huge miniature for me to make, hence the title. As you can probably imagine I really wanted something a little lot less nervewrenching after my working fan and this was just perfect! Not finished yet, but it takes a bit longer than I thought and felt like showing the progresss since you saw it last, a long looong time ago ;).

I'd not been able to finish it before because, besides a number of other reasons, the midsection had quite a curve. That I didn't really know
if I could get straight again or if I would replace it what kind of wood would be thin yet sturdy enough. But mostly I needed a kind of ornament for the drawerpulls that I only found last October and then I still needed to finish my fan. Still had no idea about the wood for the midsection, but I found that soon enough. It's 2 layers of the thinnest mdf, I remembered I even had, which made it easy to cut and shape. Glued together they make it as strong as it needs to be as well as the right thickness.

a reminder of how it was the last update, the midsection still straight:

midsection curved with the new & straight one next to it. It's not visible very well, but trust me it's twisted and the lower part also broke when I tried to do I-don't-even-remember-what, haha!

this piece will go into the back of the Oldtique Store, behind the counter. As a model I used a librarycupboard I once saved the picture from an onlinewebshop, see below. I just altered it a bit to meet my wish for open storage at the bottompart for shopnecessities. I started with this and shared at that point just the mere basics of in July 2015 (wow, that's been long...), and something a little more substantial in September of that year.

the one I used as a model. source: Maisons du Monde
for this cupboard I had a little help from my friends oldest brother :D who back then cut/saw the wood for me. No picknick with what he found out to be a dull saw and hardwood paintstirrers... Not a great combo (so sorry..) even more so for someone who already isn't fond of diy-stuff.. I'm only extra happy and grateful he did it, thanks again bro! And then it was more or less just a case of assembling and making the midsection and drawers. Something the optimist in me thought would be less work and ready sooner than it turns out to be. Which is the reason for another update.

I really love the fiddly stuff and all the challenges that come with that, but for a change this is so much fun too!


  1. beautiful library, I am admiring!

  2. So pretty! I love the contrast with the wood tones.

  3. When it is finished in a few years just kidding, when it is finished it will look great in your Oldtique store. Nice to have a little help from you brother, even more so if he doesn't like doing that kind of work.
    So annoying when wood starts to warp...but glueing two or three pieces together with the grain running at 90 degree angles (effectively creating plywood) should eliminate that. Or use MDF ;-) And it ALWAYS takes longer than you think. If it doesn't you've probably done something wrong. Or you've done something wrong in the first place :-D

  4. Wow! I really love this store display and am excited for you to finish it and show us! It is nice to work on something that does not fight back every step of the way, isn't it!

  5. The inspiration piece is beautiful and yours is coming out great! Very inspiring---

  6. Hello Monique,
    It is an exquisite piece. It is well built and beautifully finished. I love it.
    Big hug

  7. I love it! I'm a big fan of paint and wood combo and your piece is looking fantastic =) Yes and I too love scouring the internet for days and weeks and months looking for just the right *thing* in just the right size to finish a project lol.

  8. Hi Monique! I love the way your cabinet has turned out! I sometimes think taking a long time to finish things is a good idea... that way we can detect the "weaknesses" that would make it worse over time... and fix them first! (I refer to things like glue "failing" and boards warping and paint chipping....!) But truly, everything will age anyway... it can't be stopped! I think your shelves are very elegant... I Love the charcoal color with the honey colored wood.... it is so warm and beautiful! I know what you mean about tninking it would be done sooner than it is.... I always have that problem! LOL! It was great of your brother to help with the sawing! Yay Bro! And I always look forward to your updates! :)

  9. Love a good library cupboard.. looks like yours is going to be spectacular!

  10. Acabo de descubrir su blog y ya me hice seguidora creo que puedo aprender mucho, de su tremendo talento. Yo también construyo casitas de muñecas reciclando. Un saludo.