January 17, 2018

Murphy's law and serious test in patience..

didn't plan any update before finished because I've been at the verge of that since my last post (since before actually), but feel like it with what happened today, again. I was literally finishing the working switch a couple of times over the past 2 months when something happened that brought me back quite a number of steps of the fan itself. Then today it fell on the floor, because the wires got stuck in my sleeve when I tried to comfort my cat who was in a bit of distress (she has dimentia). I didn't notice until it fell. Doesn't sound too bad and thought I could fix that quite easily despite the delicacy of the thin metal I used and not easy to handle either. But wasn't too worried, just kind of annoyed. It didn't go how I thought or expected however and might mean I need to make several parts again...

here's the last photo's before that happened:

how it looked before it went wrong the last of several times
making miniatures I'm used to challenges, like we all are. Comes with the territory right? They're fine and part of the fun, no matter

how not-funny it can be when they present themselves. But with this fan it's been a bit much unnecessary mishaps, too many of them when I'm (again) at the stage of the very last step.

recently when I was just about done the base broke in two.. seriously. And I had used 2 part epoxyglue for it, the strongest glue I know. But had to handle it a bit much because of some rigorous work underneath the base for the switch to work (long story). When it broke, the wires got pulled out, everything that had finally been in the perfect place out of wack. Couldn't get the little engine to start anymore either. No idea what the problem could be, even changed the battery just in case. Eventually had no other option than to check the connection at the back of the engine. This meant breaking apart the back of that. Connection as solid as ever though. Solved the problem somehow and could get all the wires in their right place and the switchparts where they needed. Which is a lot less easy as that sounds btw..

as you can imagine it's a serious test of my patience and determination. As if we don't display enough of that by simply doing this crazy stuff. This fan's already a lot more challenging than anything I've done before, besides the obvious, you'll read about some of that in my final post. Although I have crazy amounts of patience and even when something goes very wrong, I always continue happily and just try again and again. But now, I'm really not amused. I really thought I was able to photograph and shoot the video of it this weekend, but now I have to do some stuff to first repair some damage. Again. And possibly even have to make a big portion of the front part and base again.

last time, again happened at the point of finishing up, but when I tried to do something for my cat who was asking serious attention, the wires at the end of the cord got caught in my sleeve and before I noticed that happened it fell on the floor. Not fun, but I can fix that, so I carefully adjusted all of it and then all I had to do was adjust one of the black 'arms'. That didn't go well.. it needed a little bit of force because it wouldn't bend, which caused it to bend way too far causing more problems than visible in the photo. SIGH..

not sure if the Universe wants to see how badly I want to finish this, but that's exactly what I intend to do with a very satisfying result at that, if it's the last thing I do! Just so you know ;).

but for now I'm off to Murphy giving him my piece of mind about his crappy law! 😜


  1. sad to see such a pretty work damaged!

  2. Dear Monique, your creations are So Magnificent... even when not yet finished and working.... that it is a pleasure to see an update, even if it is ruled by Murphy that contrary fellow!!! I believe it is important to Ignore him.... and just carry on with the assumption of success.... which I see you are doing in spite of annoying set-backs! I have recently been working in such a small scale that sometimes things I am working on just "disappear" between the blink of an eye... and then I am searching all my sleeves, the floor... my slippers and cuffs... trying to remember if I exhaled too strongly... too much holding ones breath doesn't really work!!! LOL! So I sympathize with yet another set-back! :( But I want to send you encouragement because You make the most AMAZING things! And you make them WORK!!!! You are such an inspiration to me with your pursuit of mini perfection in scale and function.... I am often thinking of what You are trying to make as I try to make my things just a little bit better! So Please don't give up! Your fan is Incredible.... I keep thinking "how does she manage to find/make all these teeny parts... and have them look so Perfect"? Well, your answer is by keeping at it relentlessly and inventively and patiently and lovingly! You are Awesome! And I look forward to every single update! (And I hope things go more smoothly from now on!):):):)

  3. Murphy's Law and cats seem to go together. I've noticed this.

  4. Oh Monique I feel your frustration and send you a great big hug!
    If at first you don't succeed, try, swear, try, swear, try, swear again!
    I know you will prevail because eventually, Murphy's Law works on Murphy's Law too!

  5. I am so sorry to hear it fell Monique. That &^%$ Murphy has been around to see me a few times too.
    Hopefully the damage isn't too bad and you can fix it. It sure is a wonderful piece. Anything you make is always worth the wait to see it. :-)

  6. ¡Qué pena! Pero verás como consigues dejarlo como nuevo.

  7. Arrrgh! A great tragedy and even morse so since you were so close to the finish line! But "Never give up/ Never surrender"

  8. Monique I'm so sorry you are going through all this! Still you managed a funny post through all the challenges. Good for you for persevering. Yes we cannot let "them" win! You'll make it better than ever. It is a fabulous project. I think "Murphy" is all over this because it will ultimately be awesome and it's his "job" to interfere as much as possible. Can you tell I hate Murphy and his stupid law! hahaha. I'm sorry he's over at your place, he is usually here! Take care of your sweet kitty and keep going---

  9. Heartbreaking. :[ I agree with Jodi, though. Swearing definitely helps. Or, at least it releases tension. :\ It is a beautiful project, and I hope you get it to work in the end.

  10. Oh no! I'm so sorry for your mishap. But sometimes these things happen so that the end result can be even better. Good luck with the repair.

  11. En las miniaturas hay que ser tenaz,caer y volver a levantarse,seguro que lo conseguirás,el ventilador tiene un aspecto genial!!

  12. Hello Monique,
    That Murphy is a b@#$%^*! It is such a shame but you keep at it. You know you can fix this and the fan is well worth the hard work...just wear short sleeves! I hope your cat is doing okay, poor thing.
    Big hug

  13. A rubber fortified gel formula super glue is more shock resistant than epoxy glue. That type of glue also works well for bonding metal. Quick, easy and no mixing. But do let it cure for 24 hours before stressing the join.

  14. Swearing definitely helps! Poor you... after all this work. The good side of it: practice makes perfect ;-)

  15. I'm so sorry to hear about your poor cat. And your fan, I'm sure you will fix it

  16. Oh dear ... I'm sorry but you get that back ..... I'm sure!
    This damn law of Murphy * g *

    Mini hugs

  17. Well, Murphy has been definitely rude to you, to say the very least!

  18. Oh no! That #$%#$$# Murphy! He is the bane of all miniaturists... This is such a wonderful project, I'm sure you will prevail in the end. Hugs to your kitty cat. :D