December 24, 2017

fan-tastic challenge - almost done..

I finished my fan, yay! I just didn't get it to work with the switch, yet.. Little tricky that is, haha! I did get it more or less, just not how it should be. Meaning I have to press the connection with tweezers while holding the fan upside down ;). But I really want to show the fan finished, just without a working switch for now.

 the tiny switch (the black and above it is the switch, the rest is what's inside the base):

I can't show you how the fan works being complete (with the front and base and all) because it doesn't work right now since I'm still working on the switch, but here's it in action before I got to that part:


I wish you all a great Christmas and an amazing 2018!


  1. fantastic! beautiful challenge
    Merry Christmas

  2. Dear Monique, you are Amazing!!! That fan is unbelievable!!! I cannot imagine how you do it! You have the patience of a Saint and the Genius to find the way to the thing you want! I am awestruck!!! I hope you have a FABULOUSLY Mini-licious Christmas!!! :)

  3. Harika bir iş... Tebrikler... Mutlu Yıllar...

  4. This is a masterpiece, working or looks superb!

  5. Your fan looks INCREDIBLE to me wether it's operational or not!!!
    Merry Christmas Monique and a Happy New Year to you too! :D


  6. Oh wat gaaf gemaakt! Zo leuk! En knap :-)
    Ik had al 'Filmpje filmpje!' geschreven en ineens zag ik dat de post veel langer was, met filmpje hahaha.
    Dat schakelaartje lukt vast ook nog.
    Fijne Feestdagen!

  7. Yeah, first to comment. lol Your so talented, I love these old fans. Looks fantastic, I want one. Are you going to be making any for sale?? Hope you had a fantastic day, Merry Christmas, Jenn.

  8. It's fan-tastic indeed! How incredible that is works :) What fun---

  9. Elizabeth is right - the fan alone is marvelous! As is the little scene and all the magic in it! When you've got it worked out, you'll need to make hundreds more, or at least one of your incredible tutorials! We are all going to HAVE to HAVE one! :O)
    Wishing you many happy achievements in 2018!

  10. It is a masterpiece.....congratulation!

    Happy new year!

  11. Hello Monique,
    The fan is incredible! Well done!
    I wish you all the be for 2018.
    Big hug