April 16, 2017

butterfly palm - tiny update..

hi again my dear mini-friends, sorry for the long silence! Not even visited your blogs, except for a few some time ago when I had the chance.. Not because I lost interest: I always LOVE to see what you're all up to and what wonderful things y'all make. But
a lot has been going on in several area's the past 3+ months, mostly: physically (but finally recovering from that), mentally even better than usual for quite some time (and more great & fun stuff going on in that department) and then of course the world has been kind of all over the place.. which inspired me to have another blog: "LOVE: Living Openheartedly Including Everyone". Mostly just copying&pasting whenever I come across something that I think is worth sharing. To simply send some positive vibes out there with inspiring messages and video's of loving and wise people.

so overall let's call it interesting times ;).

so it's not much yet that I've done for it, but just to say hi, to let you know I haven't forgotten about you and to show you a little something, here's a sneak peak of the palm so far. Don't pay attention to the extremely different colours, that's experimenting a bit with what to start with and not what it's supposed to be yet ;).


  1. Felices Pascuas y te deseo que te recuperes del todo y de nuevo las miniaturas renueven tu ilusión:-)

  2. I am happy to read you again and discover your new blog of hope and love

  3. Hi Monique,

    It is so good to see a new post from you. I am so glad things are now going so well for you. I look forward to seeing another post soon. ;-) XXX

  4. Dear Monique, it is wonderful to see an update no matter how small! I am currently suffering a minor "break" which slows me waaaayyy down, but increases my admiration for those with handicaps! I am glad to hear you are busy with life.... and I agree about sending out the good inclusive messages to counter the hateful message that seems to be in fashion now. I look forward to seeing this butterfly palm as it "grows"! It's great to see a post from you!

  5. Hi Monique, The palm looks real! It is nice that you have started an uplifting blog in the face of such negativity, loved the John Lennon quote :)

  6. Looks great so far! :D It's good to see you around, too. :]

  7. Hi Monique! I thought that the palm in the photo was a real one you were in the middle of repotting, and not a miniature in the state of becoming! ;P
    I am always glad to see your posting and happy that you are physically on the mend and involved with a new blog. Good for you! I think that diversifying your interests keeps one spiritually and emotionally healthy. :D


  8. I am so happy to know that you are doing better, both physically and mentally. As you say, the world has been...well, I know it's added a lot of stress to my life. And this makes your doing well, even better news.

    Sending you warm thoughts.

  9. Hi Monique, it's always good to see a post from you - even if it's a short one to say you're okay :0)

  10. Hello Monique,
    How lovely to hear from you. I think we can all relate to being so busy that our blogs take a back seat for a while. When you do come back, we will be here waiting ;) The palm is looking very good indeed!
    Big hug