December 25, 2016

a tiny white world..

hi there! later than planned with the first Christmasday already more than halfway over (yes I know, the Netherlands is the only country - or one of the few countries - that have 2 Christmasdays :D) I'd like to share with you this miniature working snowglobe I made.

snow definitely not being a likelihood any time soon in the Netherlands, this Christmas I'll just enjoy the tiny white world within this snowglobe 😁. And a little video to go with it.

it's far from perfect as the glass has cracked, there's an airbubble I could not get away - believe me I've tried - the water got cloudy because of the glitter or something and it's leaking from the bottom of the wood, but I still think it's fun! Luckily I could get the the gap at the end of the crack under the side of the base so at least the water wouldn't go through there. The crack just adds character to it. Or something 😉.

the initial idea was to put a light in the house, seriously: don't you just love optimism? I sometimes forget how small things have to be. I could hardly make - or handle - that tiny house (a sliver of wood really, square shaped with a triangular one on top to get the houseshape, with a slightly bigger sliver of paper for a roof and a base that I painted grey), let alone make windows and a hole in it to put the tiniest light available in. For timerelated and other reasons I had to forgo on that light anyway and it was in the process of making the teeny tiny house I realized how absolutely impossible that would have been, silly girl me ;p. While I'm aware of the fact that most snowglobes don't even have lights, it just had seemed a fun thing to add.

everything inside is varnished really well in the hope that will prevent it from deteriorating by being in contact with the water. But with it leaking, that won't really matter since soon there won't be any water in it, haha! I 'glued' it with milliput, the only thing that sets in/under water. I couldn't use glue because I had to fill the glass all the way up and by putting in the base, the trees and the house pushed out the excess water. But it's not to be used as an adhesive, but I think it's not leaking from that part so I guess that worked out fine.

how about a big bowl of Christmas-m&m's? they were instant from Christmastreats I had. There are always a bunch of them loose in the package. I just left out the white ones. I think they are pretty much to scale. Yummie huh?

I hope you all have wonderful holidays & I also wish you the very best, magical & blessed New Year you can have: make it a great one!


  1. what a marvellous snow ball , thank you for the explanations !the set is very cosy
    Happy Christmas

  2. Good Morning Monique, Christmas morning here near Vancouver BC. One of the grandchildren has been up since very early full of bounce and excitement at the small box of Harry Potter jelly beans -flavours such as earth worm, grass, soap, dirt, watermelon etc. He is also so happy with the poster of rocks that Santa left in his stocking. So much fun to watch his excitement.
    Thank you for the video of the making of the snow globe. Seriously miniature Christmas.
    We spent three months in The Netherlands this past summer on a small boat. I enjoyed every day. You have such amazing museums, beautiful and varying cities and village, tranquil countryside and best of all enthusiastic and kind people.

    Hope you had a happy day. All the best for the New Year.
    Regards Janine

  3. Awww Monique, You are incredible!!! It is a Joy even if it is leaking!!! (It is one of those little things I have always wanted to try to make!) Someday... I will look at this and say I am going to make one this year! :) I hope your Second day of Christmas is at Least as Wonderful as the First one! And Happy New Year too! (I am still drawing my Christmas Card.... Waaayy late this year!) I always enjoy seeing what you are making! :):):)

  4. Merry Christmas Monique!
    I LOVE your snow globe. It is incredibly creative, like everything else you make and thing of. Thank you for the video tutorial too. That was fun!

  5. Ohhhh Monique, wat geweldig! Dat is echt een leuke miniatuur. Goed bedacht met dat fietslampje.
    Fijne feestdagen en alle goeds voor 2017!

  6. Your imagination awes me--what a lovely miniature!

    I hope your first day of Christmas was wonderfully happy, and that the second brings you even more joy.

  7. Merry Christmas Monique :) Very nice snow globe and thanks for the tutorial!

  8. Es una bola de navidad muy bonita y divertida!!! Felices fiestas!!

  9. Merry Christmas. Love your snow globe, the video and your Christmas setting too x

  10. Merry Christmas Monique. I hope you had a lovely day and I wish you a prosperous and healthy 2017. Love the snow globe :0)

  11. So cute....thanks for the tuorial!!!
    Happy new year!!!!

  12. Thank you for taking the time to make the tutorial. What a great Idea! Merry Christmas!

  13. So charming! Have a great Festive Season and a superb 2017!

  14. Only YOU would tackle a project like this one and just like your tiny laptop, you will no doubt pursue this tutorial until you have perfected it!
    Meanwhile I am gob-smacked with what you have managed to achieve and the tiny gift box you've made for it too! :D


  15. Happy Christmas Monique! Snow globe is fantastic even with the crack, must have got broken in the post 😉 was wondering if you had used milliput, I found out about it earlier this year, good stuff.

    Sarah x

  16. weer een superleuk miniatuuur! bedankt voor de how-to en ik wens je een super 2017 toe!

  17. Wow Monique! Wat een mooi miniatuur! Dank U voor het delen, en Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!