June 4, 2014

a mini partyscene for a big occasion !

yes, I have a good reason to show - of ;) - a select part of my miniature collection creating a little partyscene kind of thing because.... :

today my boyfriend and I have been together for 20 years, TWENTY years! I could write a book about him and what he means to me, but for your and my convenience - and not to bore you out of your skulls - let's just keep it at he is one amazing and truly special guy! Who is all I could ever have wished for in a man and I love him more than anything. Yes, even more than miniatures, although it's a close call, haha :D. And I am a very, VERY lucky person to have him in my life.
in two decades we went from being two somewhat insecure teenagers who fell deeply in love to gradually becoming confident adults who went through quite a lot in all those years due to different circumstances and my illness, but are still very strong together, sronger than ever actually.
this (contrasted) photo is from somewhere in the middle of our 20 years together
although we can't go out because of me, we will celebrate this special anniversary at home with a nice stonegrill diner and just be together, which in the end is the most important thing anyway.

cheers, to LOVE! And your soulmates or the ones I wish for you to meet if you haven't found him or her yet and wish to.

and I'm so sorry, but the snacks are gone already.. someone with a big apetite went through everything before anyone had a chance ;)
But here's a look at the empty bag (if anyone likes, I could do a tutorial on this bag someday):


  1. Congratulations! And yes please to your last question....

  2. Congratulations, Monique en nog vele jaren samen erbij :D!!
    Jammer dat de snackjes al op zijn........nu ben je haast wel 'verplicht' om een tuto te schrijven, dan kunnen we zelf nieuwe snack-zakkies maken ;) LOL!
    Fijn dag nog samen!

  3. Felicidades por esos 20 años y por seguir tan enamorada

  4. Happy 20th Anniversary!! What an awesome testament to the love of two special people! Love the party scene.

  5. Congratulations, wishing you many more years together, hope the strong feelings towards eachother will continue to grow.
    Hoping you had a beautiful celebration too :)

  6. Una hermosa escena para una ocasión tan bonita y feliz.como es vuestro 20 aniversario,que sean muchos más años de felicidad!!!!!

  7. muchas felicidades por esos 20 años de tan feliz relaccion, sois muy afortunados
    esa bolsa esta genial , seria fantastico un tutorial



  8. Congratulations on your 20 year anniversary. It is lovely to hear that you have someone special to share your life with. I wish you both many more years of happiness together =0)

  9. Hi Monique! I bet that it feels that the years has flown by and not like 20 years at all? It is such a blessing to have someone in your corner and there for you no matter what. I wish you both another 20 plus years together too! :D
    Your little party scene is precious. I would be thrilled to know how you made the snack bags.


  10. Congratulations - and best wishes for many more happy years together :)

    Very nice scene - it really looks like there is a party going on!

  11. Hello Monique,
    congratulations! I hope many, many more decades will be filled with even more happiness!
    Big hug,

  12. Congratulations, Monique! Ik wens jij nog vele jaren samen!
    De snackpakjes zijn zeer mooi gemaakt! Al dank voor toekomstig tutorial!
    En dit is een schattig tafereel!

  13. Congratulations, I hope you had a big party as well as a tiny one :)

  14. Sorry I missed the party... All the tiny good snacks are gone.. but I do see some cake left for me ;)
    Congratulations on 20 years together! I love it when people are still very much in love after all those years =) You are both very lucky to have each other!! I hope I get to celebrate 20 years with my husband too, but we are only at 6 years so far, and our 4th wedding day in a couple of days =)

  15. Congrats on 20 years together. I hope it's just the beginning. :D I love those empty snack bags, please do a tutorial someday. I love your collection, just fantastic!

  16. A little late, but thank you all for your warm comments, good wishes and congrats. We've had a great evening at home, grilling some meats, and enjoying each others company. And toasted on another 20 years of course!
    And a tutorial of the snackbag is on it's way ;)