March 5, 2014

comforting mini's

first of all a very warm welcome to all of my new followers, so happy you decided to join!

in december I knew I was getting some money that was very welcome because of an upcoming move, but I decided to use some of it to order some miniatures.

Because it has been and still is a very strange and difficult year (and if you would know what my life has looked like the past years, you would know that when I say difficult, that is quite the understatement). Where so much has happened, is still going on and hardly anything is the same and some things might never be again. But of course it also - like every situation does - brings new opportunities, chances and possibillities and I am very grateful for that. And good things are always there too and more will come, I just know it. But despite all good that can always be seen - no matter how difficult still - I really felt like treating myself to some beautiful and special miniatures I can use in my Oldtique Store. I felt I deserved that ;). From Ulus Miniatures no less and I wanted to share this with you. I received them today and I am SO thrilled about them: they are just as beautiful and perfect as I hoped (photo's online can be deceiving sometimes, but in this case were definately not).

The enormous detail José puts into them (and Luis, I don't know who does what, just that Ulus Miniatures is a joined venture), the quality of the finishing of the items, the realism, it is so great!
this drill comes with a thingy that you use to tighten or untighten the drillbit with (not working obviously)
this beautiful kitchenscale has real domed glass and a real hand as well (not working) which makes it so real. Also the metal is nice and heavy, like it should with a scale like this and with the right amount of aging
it opens and looks like a real one inside. The material is so wonderful, heavy and with a beautiful slightly aged finish, I just love it!
the opener is unbelievably detailed for such a small object.. I cannot believe how well done this is, it is just perfect!
and not just one side that's just right, it's complete in every way..
By the way: I am very sorry I hardly have the chance to look at all your great work, I'm just seeing some every now and then, but just know I haven't forgotten about you and catch up as soon as I can, because I always very much enjoy to see what you all do. Take care!


  1. I love seeing what people buy. I have seen Ulus Miniatures table at the Tom Bishop Show. The things they have were fantastic.
    Everything you got is so realistic/wonderful. I adore the can opener.
    Wishing you all the best for a happy future. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  2. I think you deserve to treat yourself and what wonderful things. So realistic! They will look fabulous in your antique shop =0)

  3. Never heard of them but you are so right, those minis are real beauties! Enjoy!!

    and thanks for mentioning from who you got them :)

  4. Preciosas miniaturas, me alegro que no te decepcionaron. Te deseo que todo se te vaya solucionando y este año no sea tan difícil:-)

  5. Hi Dominque! I also have a love for mini kitchen gadgetry and your collection is I am sure, all that you hoped it would be and then some!!! The miniatures are absolutely Delightful and I hope that when you position them into Oldtique store, that the clients will have a clear view of them on the shelves. They are precious in every way! :D
    I wish you much enjoyment and pleasure in them and really hope that your troubles will be lessened more and more as the year progresses.


  6. I did the opposite and decided I was not to treat myself anymore :D But I think you made a great decision to treat yourself. I haven't heard of that miniaturist, but love what you have bought, so thanks for the link.

    Sarah :)

    P.s. Your tip on using tea light holder foil for miniature work, has helped me enormously for certain projects, thank you for mentioning it :D

  7. Lucky you - Jose's miniatures are the best!

  8. You are very lucky =) They look great! That drill is amazing =)

  9. Amazing pieces! Wonderful choice of miniatures you picked to treat yourself. You really deserve it, especially when things are rough. I hope the future will bring more and more sunshine for you

  10. You guys really appreciate the fine work of José and Luis, as they absolutely deserve! Thanks for being happy for me, feels good. I can only hope all of you (once) have the opportunity to buy their stuff, although I know, not nearly everyone will ever be able to. Makes me feel blessed even more.
    Thanks for all your kind wishes to, it warms me and is very welcome!!

  11. Unos regalos maravillosos,verdaderas pequeñas obras de arte,con un gran realismo!!!!