August 5, 2012

two steps & a peak at ..

.. what's coming. Just to see what my store is supposed to look like someday, but then the non-cardboardversion ;)

Second step had been ready for a while, just needed to grout the tiles. Which I had done too, but the first time was no succes, used the wrong stuff and messed my tiles up ;) Yes, I had made a testpiece, but forgot all about it! So had to make the tiles again, not too much work and aren't that many, but I put off for a short while and then have to do everything I do in many small steps. But finished now, grouted and all, the second step was already waiting so now that part is done: happy!
Then I wanted to see the steps placed in a cardboard entrance and the rest of the shopfront I quickly made sometime last year. No worries, this is no indication (of the quality) for how I plan to make my store, just wanted a quick peak of what I'm going to make and how this will look without spending too much (precious) time on it. Don't mind the gaps aside the tiles, when I made the cardboard thing and printed the windows I was still stuck on how deep it would have to be since the original plan was without steps, simply forgot that the steps made the whole thing deeper.. :) So glad my head's attached to my body, haha! Things are going to be different at places, since I found that a couple of adjustments were necessary. You'll see that when I get to making the real front.
And a little peak inside, although there's nothing there yet, just an mdf base. But I put a corner I use sometimes behind it with a chair and stuff so there's something to look at inside anyway.


  1. Buongiorno Monique, sto leggendo il tuo blog, perché mi ero persa la lettura di alcuni post!
    Volevo sapere come hai fatto la seconda versione del pavimento. Nella prima mi è sembrato carta stampata su di un cartoncino. Ora leggo che la prima versione era risultata un disastro. Come hai fatto questa seconda versione? Sono molto realistiche! Ciao! :-)

    1. Ciao Blanche, grazie per il vostro interesse nel mio blog e bello avere voi in esso 'perso' colpito. Entrambi i pavimenti sono fatti di carta stampata incollata su cartoncino e poi ritagliare. Gli angoli I poi levigati con un file hobby. Tutto incollato, dipinto e in allegato. È possibile trovare il principio presso il sito di Josje, questo è quello che ho fatto. Spero di fare quanto ho!