July 26, 2012

Telling Time

I love clocks. Not that I have many, but I do love them. Meaning: a selection of the enormous amount out there, since a lot of them are just plain weird and/or ugly, haha.

The chair is from 'Take-a-Seat' I once ordered
I started making some clocks and
two very small oldfashioned alarmclocks. With nice dials I looked for and found on the internet and on my laptop worked away the hands without the dial being distorted, a nice challenge. I wanted realistic clocks, meaning with real clockhands and therefore used (old) watches.

I wanted to show the selection of several clocks and the 2 alarmclocks here at once, but it all takes a bit longer than I hoped. So here's one that I finished, an industrial one with hands from an old travelalarmclock I never used anyway :) I made them a little rusty to match the dial and style of the clock. 
I wanted to have a rounded surface and wanted to achieve that by carefully bending metal from a sodacan over a mold. Until I realised the bottom of a sodacan is already perfectly rounded! Why make it difficult if you can use something that's already there and probably a lot better than what I could have done myself? I printed the dial on a decalsheet and applied it on the metal, sealing it with satinvarnish spray.


  1. Oh wow! Your clock is "fabulously" cool :O) I am so happy that I found your blog, I love your style! Greetings from Germany, Sandra

    1. Thank you so much for your compliments, glad you like my blog :D I like yours too, very nice projects you're making,funny texts and with great lighting in your pictures!

  2. Oh, thank you :-)
    Just came back to give you this link:
    Maybe you don´t have it yet? There are four clock faces without the hands. (I also have a faible for clocks :-) )
    Greetings, Sandra

    1. That's fantastic Sandra! I didn't have them yet and they are great! And without hands, wow (that saves a lot of work). Thanks so much for that tip, glad you're a clocklover too ;)

  3. hmmm, glad i saw this post cos i missed it when you posted it. Ingenuity and imagination combined your clock is a treat! And the chair is just to die for, what a fun little piece :) Thanks for letting know were it came from. Hope your other 2 clocks turned out as good as this one