April 8, 2012

in the bucket

this has just been waiting for a final polish & coat of paint, but I'm going to show it anyway. So there it is, and later I'll put in a photo of the endresult. Because someone that saw it thought it was a cap of a bottle with a metal wire (a compliment I think): it's not, I made it from scratch and was nowhere near as easy to do as it might appear. Don't know if it shows well enough on the picture, but it's tapered, like a real bucket would be.
Bottom I made of the bottom a yakultbottle (because that has that little pointy middle that buckets also have) with a very fine strip of the aluminum of a tealight for the rim of the bottom. I used a plastic sheet for the 'wall' of the bucket that I formed around a simple mold I made from clay, glued together and sanded it very well to get rid of the seem and make the edge of where the 'wall' meets the bottom nice and round and is if it were one. I glued a ring of sheet plastic on top, that I made bigger than necessary and sanding it really well in order to make it fit and let it become a part of the rest of the bucket. And a piece to go around that with the pieces for the holes where the ends of the handle go. The handle is metal wire from my beloved sandwichbagclosethingies, because it so fine. The shammy (='zeem' for Dutch readers, can imagine that many - like me - don't know the english word..) is from a 1:1 one, but then a very thin warn part of it.

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  1. The bucket is brilliant! That cloth really brings it to life too, the way you have it draped over the side.