April 14, 2012

enchanting times with miniatures chimes

something I love in 1:1, and I just had to make it in 1:12. Started with it & made all the parts quite a long time ago, it 'only' needed assembly. That took some time to figure out. For example how to place the pipes without the threads going through the wooden disc? And is there wire or thread of some kind for hanging the pipes that is thin enough? Unfortunately there wasn't.. even the thinnest yarn looked too massive for what in real life is a thin transparent wire (on the one I used to have that inspired this 1:12 one). But I did find something that turned out to be great for it and is strong too, really closeby actually..... ;) It was still quite a hassle to get it all together, my boyfriend laughed at my repeating 'cursing' as it was really difficult and took me quite some time to do. But I do love it, especially for a first try!


  1. I love it too Monique! I think these little things which look like a accurate copy makes our hobby so wonderful:-)! Jeannette

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, that's what I think too and what I always aim for, but man, that's really hard sometimes and then I wonder why I want it like that.. haha ;) !

  2. These are the BEST miniature wind chimes that I've ever seen :-O!!