April 2, 2012

a coatrack &some

I recently made this rustic coatrack with 'weathered' wood and 'rusted' brackets (Euro Mini's) & hooks (Chrysnbon). All the other things in the photo were made by me as well. The scarf was a bit of a frustrating story I'm afraid ;). Not being a knitter at all, I wás surprisingly enough able to knit nice and evenly with fine wool and very thin 0,6 mm knittingpens. But I never got to finish a scarf without a slip up at some point and having to start all over again. I tried until twelve or fifteen times and then had enough and made this scarf in an alternative way. It has a bit of a knitted feel to it though I think and looks good enough right?


  1. Love your coat rack and the way you aged it. Thanks for the tutorial!!! Jeannette

  2. Thanks! With the weather all it's really easy and a lot quicker than having to put it outside for months, haha!