November 25, 2011

progress christmaslantern

A while ago I worked on the fireplace and the floor for the christmaslantern. Due to some things and internetissues never had a change to place photo's, neither of the other little progress I made. So here a bit of that now. Finishing the lantern in time for Christmas is not going to happen since I really don't have (and haven't had) the possibility to work on it often enough, but there will be more Christmasses right?

fireplace so far, a nice start, but still loads to do, like ornaments, trims, the inside and so on. It's really nothing more than a starting point, a base right now
the floor which is nice and rustic, I love it! See Tutorials, tips&tricks 'weathered floorboards' if you want to know how I got them like that
 and of course the finished tree with now glued lamps in it. Unfortunately not all of them work ( I knew that, but because they are quite expensive and I found out months after ordering them I decided to leave it like that), and some give just a tiny pixel of light so when lit, the sight is a bit sad. So my efforts to place all the lamps (24 I think) nicely evenly over the tree doesn't have the effect I was aiming for. Maybe I will order other lights after all, I have some birthdaymoney.. ;) The mantel is in its place for the time being, to get an idea and photo's of me and my love in frames on the wall for fun (but will stay). The floor is still loose in places, because the fireplace isn't (nowhere near) finished and I'll put a slatestone (?) as a base for the fireplace as well.

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