May 30, 2011


Welcome at Fabulously Small! Not trying to be pretentious here, just really liked the name when I came up with it and hopefully one day do the name some justice ;) . I started this blog to be able to organize my progress and development in making miniatures and also to share my work with anyone interested. Like everyone with this fantastic hobby I'm full of countless plans and ideas, I'd need at least 300 years - probably way more - to be able to realise all of them. But like everything in life, I'll have to make (difficult) choices and do what I do a step at a time, 1:12th step at a time in this case.. ;)

Due to circumstances - although having all the time in the world - I'm unfortunately only able to do (very) little not very often. But... if you have some patience, there will be things to see and I hope you like them.

1 comment:

  1. Fabulous they are indeed, you instantly reminded me of some of the Japanese miniaturists, the best ones :) Really looking forward to your future miniatures :)