January 1, 2016

new year, new look

source: the Graphics Fairy
like others I felt like a new bloglook and this is it!
I love how easy it is to make or change the whole look of your blog with just a few clicks. 'Cause despite all it's flaws and irratic behaviour I think Blogger IS a wonderful platform :D (despite smiley, I am serious). And no, Blogger (or Google) did not pay me to write that, just thought to start of the new year nice ;).
--> on that positive note; I've discovered a great tip, see rest of post below before&after-image.
The tip couldn't be simpler to use, all the explaining and examples is to make clear why it's so great.

I always like before-and-afters myself, so below a reminder of what my blog looked like. I still like it, but just felt like something a bit more fresh and organized. In addition I also have 'jump-breaks' now for longer posts with 'read more' links, cleaning my blog up a bit extra.

jumpbreak, never knew how to do that or that the little icon was for that ;)

so about that great tip - at least I think it is: Blogger has a Dynamic Views template, since 2011 already, who knew... Well, as it turned out a lot of people, but not me, I saw it when looking for a template in Blogger's templatedesigner. Maybe some of you have known about it too. But even then you still might find this tip useful, because it's not about using the template as a template.

anyway, at first I didn't get the idea, it just looked very nice, but it turns out to be a wonderful way to have a different/professional looking blog that can be viewed in 7 different ways with the same template, hence the name 'dynamic'. Whatever you feel like at any given moment or is most convenient or fitting for the blog or for you. OR your visitors, who can switch between views too with just one mouseclick.

here's a short YouTube-video with a demonstration of Dynamic Views and how the different views work:

installing it as a template has some real downsides though, it means missing some basic features other templates have, pretty essential ones (and for anyone who's more familiar with it: I don't mean the ones that have been solved by Blogger the past years, the ones making it even worth considering). For a number of the remaining ones - and in general - there are quite a lot possible tweaks, but a few essential ones remain. Overall for me the pro's don't outweigh the con's to go for it. And from what I understand many bloggers have returned to a normal type template. But..... (and that's the tip):
.... the nice part is, I discovered later, you don't have to make it your template to be able to use the great appearances and handiness of Dynamic Views at any given moment (or your visitors who can use it too) !!
meaning not only you can use it without having to make any changes to your blog, you can also use it to view ANY blogspot-blog out there in one of those views - and so can any visitor in your or ANY blogspot-blog!!

how amazing and fun is that? I've tried it on my own blog and some of yours and it looks great! Also with most views searching for a particular post to find that handy tip, an example etc is so much easier as well!
you can generate it in literally a second (well maybe 2) & go back to normal view in the same time - if you really need to ;)

why I think Dynamic Views - the view-version for which I'll give you the supersimple trick in a moment - is so great (the highlights):
  • not a single change on your blog or blogtemplate required!
  • a supereasy, kind of instant, way for much more overview, despite having or visiting a blog with a normal blogtemplate: you can see a lot of - or even all - published posts at once, depending on how many posts (flipcard & mosaic) and/or photo's (shapshot) have been published on a blog. Easily seeing if a post is what you're looking for (easiest with flipcard, mosaic or snapshot) and go to the post directly. Making going back to something you'd like to see again or read about before - much easier as opposed to having to go through a blog or search the archive
  • you can use it - mostly - as if it were your template, despite being 'just' a view. You can navigate the blog, you can click images (flipcard, mosaic or snapshot) or summaries (magazine, timeslide) to open and read posts and more. In the flipcard-view  - the only one with this option - you can also select by date, label and author
  • when reading a certain post, you can still go to a newer or older posts in 5 of the 7 views (not classic and sidebar), by clicking simple-looking arrows in the leftuppercorner of the post you're in. Which I also find a lot easier and more convenient than what we're used to: having to go all the way to the bottom of the post AND of the last comment to be able to do that 
  • you can even edit a post from the view-version of Dynamic Views. When you've opened a post in one of the views (again except in classic and sidebar), you'll see it has the editing-tool next to the title instead of at the bottom in the footer. Click it and it will go directly to where you're used to composing a post and editing. When updating those changes then you will go back to your regular template, from where you can go back to Dynamic Views or not of course
  • like I said it can be done and back to normal in about a second at any moment
  • despite the impression it might give looking at all the images like in flipcard, mosaic or snapshot, all views are always in chronological order, so the most recent posts come first
  • I just think it's fun! :D

because of the added possibilities I use it often now just for looking up or change something, like updates. I can get to a post much quicker than in my normal view in any traditional way like through archive, the published list on the blogger-dashboard or having to go through several posts!

yes, yes, all great Monique, but now tell us how to do this! Of course, you're right, I'm sorry.. ;). It couldn't be easier, really!

simply add the following to the url of your blog or of the blog you visit: /view/flipcard, see image below. You can also use the names of the other views instead (after /view/), there is classic, magazine, mosaic, sidebar, snapshot and timeslide. I just chose flipcard as the example because it's my favorite :D. From there you can select any of the other 6 views in a dropdownmenu on the far left if you'd like (the black bar that runs across the screen horizontally at the top).

it's fun, try it!

and instead of flipcard you can also use classic, magazine, mosaic, timeslide, sidebar, snapshot or sidebar for completely different view

and don't worry, doing this doesn't change anything,
it's just a different view of your blog, that's all

example (flipcard-view):

for your and my convenience I added a button on the right for always being able to view my blog in Dynamic Views with just a mouseclick (it's linked to flipcard-view, but you can select any other from there). --> I forgot about this, but now it's added, you can find it below the youtube-button not far from the top

enjoy if you'll use Dynamic Views-view for your own or other blogs!

not really in the mood with a very sad ending of 2015 with on top some unbelievable, nasty & hurtful stuff in an already extra tough year (trust me I don't say that lightly with many years of being very ill in unusual and ridiculous circumstances - and what some of you read about that this year is just a fraction of the story). But had this post ready before the mentioned news and other stuff came, had written it over time with much pleasure, so I decided to publish it anyway.. Also because I was and still am determined for 2016 to be my year!! I hope it will be yours too!


  1. Love the new look. I'm always playing around with the look of my blog. I hope that 2016 will be a good year for you.

    1. Thank you Meitina, for both and I hope 2016 will be very good year for you too!

  2. Dear Monique, you are so Brave, Fearless even, to do so much experimenting with your blog.... and to discover that it is all so safe and easy and Reversible!!! Wow! I am going to have to try.... tip-toeing in is my method... (timid) and reluctant to make too many changes at once... (because then I will forget what I've Done with something...!) Thank you for sharing all this wisdom so clearly and patiently.... showing all the little places that we overlook because they are just There and we don't want to push a button that we don't know what it does! So ....I will experiment ... Someday.... maybe... after I have already done some of the other things on my "list"! LOL! No, seriously, Thank you, I will have a try at this it Does sound fun!
    I am sorry to hear that the year ended with more difficulties for you! You deserve better! I do hope you will have a better year in 2016!

    1. haha, it's not brave at all, just finding stuff and knowing a little bit about how things work ;). There's nothing wrong with being reluctant, it fits me to do something so I do it, but if it doesn't fit you, never feel like you should too. And you're so welcome, it was my pleasure! And from your comment later I understand you've tried and liked it, nice!! Oh yes, but the year started very unexpectadly with one godsend after another, weird hey? Although I have visualized etc my ass off so to speak the past year (and before that a lot too, but not as intense as the past year). So I guess 2016 WILL be my year :D :D :D. I wish you a wonderful 2016 too sweet Betsy and we'll hopefully treated to a lot of great stories and mini-scenes from you!

  3. Thank you Monique for this wonderful explanation. I can see it must have taken you a very long time to write and put together. Your new blog looks terrific, I really like it a lot.

    I am very sorry to hear about your nasty 2015. Somewhere in your blog you may have shared some of what is going on. I am afraid I must have missed reading that post. It is enough to read (above here) that health problems have caused so much of it. I am wishing you the very best for 2016. Here's hoping that next year at this time you will be able to tell us 2016 was the best year ever! Catherine XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

    1. You are so welcome Catherine, it was a lot of fun writing it, I was so thrilled about this discovery that I just had to share! :D And thanks, it's nice to hear you like it a lot, I do too ;)
      I hope so too, funny enough the first week was completely different from how 2015 ended, must be a sign right? I hope 2016 will be your year too, I understood you had a really rough year (or maybe longer...) too I missed about, except for you arm, the one thing I had read about. And hopefully we can both say what you hope for out loud next year!!

  4. Sending you hugs and positive thoughts. I am sorry your year end was not good. :[ I like the new look!

    1. thank you Brae, that's very sweet of you! And I like to read you like the new look! :D

  5. I was thinking about rearranging the look of my blog. Thanks for the info!

  6. The new look looks good.
    May the New Year bring you lots of joy and good health.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you Drora, it's quite different huh? And thanks for you sweet wishes, I wish the same to you!

  7. Dear Monique,
    Oh the possibilities of a New Year! Thank you for your carefully written tutorial.
    I am sorry to hear 2015 has been such a bad year. You have an optimistic turn of heart so I do hope that soon you will feel that way again.
    Thinking of you.
    Warm regards Janine

    1. Thank you sweet Janine, well actually that feeling was never really lost, it's just that at the moment I wrote that things were so fresh, but I've been pondering over miniatures and scenes like before shortly after and my spirit is always there, but thank you so much for that vote of confidence, that's so sweet of you to say!

  8. hoi Monique, ik snap er eerlijk gezegd nog geen hout van, maar ga het misschien in de toekomst ook proberen.
    Je blog ziet er mooi uit, maar dat vond ik ook van het vorige :)
    Wat ik veel belangrijker vind: nasty en hurtful daar houden we niet van. Hoop dat het zich snel oplost, en dat het jou of je gezondheid niet negatief beinvloed.
    Ik hoop dat de rest van het jaar voor jou veeeel beter verloopt dan de eerste dag/laatste dagen.

    1. hai Gee, haha geeft niks, het is ook veel info. Maar ik was ook vergeten de knop voor dynamic views in m'n blog te zetten, maar die heb ik er later alsnog bij gedaan, hij staat onder de pinterest en youtube-knoppen. Misschien dat dat helpt?
      Dank je wel voor je lieve woorden en zorg, ik ben gelukkig goed in uiten van emoties en met dingen omgaan dat scheelt en ik heb de nodige manieren om dingen weer in balans te brengen, dus dat komt vast goed.
      dat hoop ik ook! En ik hoop dat jij ook een zo goed mogelijk, liefst beter jaar hebt!!

  9. Sending you wishes for good things to come this year, health-wise and otherwise.

  10. A new look, and a new start, I'm wishing for a better 2016 for you!! I most say, changing the appearance of my own blog, I get a headache just thinking of that ;)
    Wishing you good health and a creative year!

    1. thank you sweet Hannah for your sweet words! Haha, that's not a good idea, it should be fun right? I wish you a very good and creative year too and all the good health for you and your family! And that your beautiful girls will do great!

  11. Siempre está bien probar nuevas cosas.
    ¡Feliz Año 2016!

  12. Oh My goodness...! That WAS Fun!!! I couldn't believe what a different perspective it gave me on my own "stuff" (which there is a LOT of! LOL!) I suppose it would only be a few "clicks" to have myself a whole new "look" too! (Not sure I want to yet.... it would confuse my old faithfuls...!)
    Dear Monique, I hope you are having a better start to the New Year!!!

    1. it is isn't it? It's like shaking things up a lot and then going back with just as little effort, it's all the fun with no clean-up or something. Haha, well it has to feel right, if you or your old faithfuls wouldn't feel up to it than you shouldn't. And you could also choose to change things one by one? But only if you'd like to, there's no rule about having to change your look, even if everybody else has done or will do that.

  13. I'll have to try this out when I get my laptop fixed. Sorry to hear last year hadn't been good for you. I think anybody that knows about your illness is astounded by what you have achieved, I know I am ☺ hope you can push the bad feelings away and have a good year this year and many more!xxx

    1. ah yes you should! Too bad your laptop is still messed up... Yes, well, the past year has just been the icing on the cake so to speak, but then a cake (and icing) from a nasty movie, not the yummy-kind ;(. Thank you for your kind words, I sure can push those away, It's almost always gone the moment I've expressed them or dealt with them another way, luckily. I hope so too, but there have been some amazing things happening the first week, so things look really good!! I wish the same and more for you, that 2016 may be a much better year for you too, you so deserve it!!!

  14. Ik moest erg lachen toen ik je tip las (en probeerde) van dynamic views. Dit was natuurlijk wat ik wilde met mijn blog en op een andere manier bereikt heb. Wist ik veel, haha! Anyway ik heb van mijn experimenten ook weer veel geleerd en ben blij met mijn nieuwe look. De jump breaks had ik wel al ontdekt bij het maken van mijn blog.
    Je nieuwe look is mooi! Leuk om een nieuw jaar met een frisse look te beginnen. Ik was vorige week al met het lezen van deze post begonnen, maar werd afgeleid door het spelen met al die mogelijkheden.
    Heel erg vervelend dat je nare toestanden mee hebt gemaakt vorig jaar. Voor dit nieuwe jaar wens ik je veel creativiteit, liefde en geluk!

    1. haha, ik vroeg het me serieus al af... oh, maar inderdaad, je hebt zeker veel geleerd en je hebt een prachtige look, ik vind eerlijk gezegd veel mooier en beter dan dynamic views nog hoor, dus goed gedaan en well worth the trouble! Jouw jump-breaks (en ik had ze bij Christine gezien) gaven mij het idee om in ieder geval op die manier de boel wat overzichtelijker te krijgen, dat scheelt inderdaad al een berg.
      Dank voor je compliment Josje, ben er ook erg blij mee ;). Ah ja, het was een topjaar wat dat betreft op al heel wat behoorlijk uitdagende en niet goede jaren (om die reden ook echt too much), maar klaar daarmee, het nieuwe jaar is bijzonder (en bijzonder onwaarschijnlijk) GOED begonnen, vanaf 4 jan. aantal bizar positieve dingen gebeurd, dus de tabels are definitely turning (of al gedraaid eigenlijk)!! Dank je wel ik wens jou absoluut hetzelfde en meer!