September 23, 2015

calm before the storm

hi dear mini-friends from all over the world ;) One of my caretakers was quite impressed with having followers all over the world, but I explained this sounds more special than it may seem. Just being a logical consequence of being online AND miniatures being a small world as it is. Making it a 'big-world'-thing because of it!

not being able to proceed on other things, I started two simple/doable but nice things shortly after the books, which were almost ready to show not too long after. But a bit much Ripley's-believe-it-or-not (unnecessary and beyond my control, read: people/doctors not listening etc) in RL got in the way of things again, so they too have been lying still altogether for a while now.

so for the time being I thought it'd be nice to give a heads-up of what's coming.

like some posts I was able to write on from time to time and I will post in the hopefully near future. And I can show you how far I got with the new piece before things went haywire, as well as a sneak peak of 2 little scenes. So you have an idea what you're waiting around for. In a matter of speaking ;).

and I seem all over the place, but trust me: I'm not and for as far as it comes across like that - which I totally get - it has a very good reason.

so, a summary of what's almost finished and to come:

making those is so much easier than you'll probably think!

because I hadn't forgotten about that and in itself it's dead-easy (to make and the tutorial as well), I just wanted to make it for different materials and haven't been able to get my head around yet how to make it clear enough with those options  'Cause I know most - or at least many - don't have or can get the materials I used and I just like a tutorial to be for as many of you out there as possible. It's just more fun that way! :D But when I was working on it last year, it only became an enormously long post and not clear enough, so that will take some figuring out.

that I got inspired to do because of some of you and I really enjoyed writing. Only needs some minor things I had no photo's of yet, that I hope to be able to do soon.

with some surprise changes/additions that I'm very excited about, because make it even better. And all because of one unexpected something thrown in my lap - or better said: rare opportunity I decided to take with both hands and was lucky enough to get. That I have wanted for quite some time, but A) ususally way too expensive and B) never thought it be possible to incorporate in the Oldtique Store. So I had decided to either make or order that when - in the far future - I would have a house to actually be able to use if for. But this was too good a chance to pass by when it came along (read: very cheap!), so with some adjustments to the original plan, I don't even have to wait for a house. I will now be able to fit it in my store and it will make it awesome! It will also make it possible to use things/mini's that I really wouldn't have had room for otherwise. So win-win-win and THRILLED!

yes really. Sounds boring maybe, but I think it's not. And I mean no accessories either, just 2 pieces, that's it. No, even no little flower ;). And they're quite simple pieces too, a (big) metal old (decalled)sign and a chair, from a kit. I did put veneer on the back of the kitparts to hide the mdf-look making a huge difference, but that was easy enough. Why still not ready then? Well, it's been that way for many months because I once tried to finish one of the pieces (the kit) which didn't work paintcolor/finishwise because of a material-issue making it not useful to just try again before a solution first. Long story ;)

- a little FRIDGE SCENE
out of the blue right? Believe me, it was for me too :D. I already had the minifridge, ordered it a few years ago for the kitchen of the Oldtique Store. But hadn't even thought about it for ages and would not have been necessary for a loooong time either. And usually when an idea for no apparent reason suddenly pops in my head, like with this fridge that I'm eager to see if it works and I also can, I can control myself pretty well. Surprisingly enough and despite the screaming urges and raging enthousiasm that come with it. But this time I had been consiously - and completely - sidetracked from what I was actually doing at that time :D. Which was the cupboard below that I would normally just have finished first. But I did have much fun with the fridge and that's what counts right?!

yes, I know, it's blurry but had no other photo's of it not showing more than I want to in this preview. So this is what you'll get for now :)

and since this was always meant for the Oldtique Store, like with nearly everything else I do, it's still within the scope of what I want/need to do in the longer run. And it will all come together in one overall project, that the Oldtique Store will be after all :D. It would be possible to show the little scene as far as I got - I had all kinds of stuff already in my stash I can use for it, had printed a floor and backdrop and what I did make for it so far were just some supersimple but convincing props to complete the scene.

which would be absolutely fine and I've considered. But for one I've been in no shape for quite a while again to sit up long enough to photograph it, which is quite essential to showing something in a blog :D. And two: I think one of the two things I was still making as the only two serious 'props', is too much fun for me to have in it. They don't need much work and would be ashame to show apart some time later.

the new piece I mentioned and showed the start of in 'to read or not to read'. For the Oldtique Store of course ;), it will go behind the counter with the cashregister. I much enjoyed doing something this big for a change! This is how far I got and the pictures I made along the way. With a big THANKS to my oldest brother who was so sweet to cut the wood for me to be able to make this!

which he had to do with what happened to be a blunt miter-saw - aiai, sorry.... - on top of that he had to saw through what turned out to be hardwood paintstirrers I had for years, oops. That were different in width and look, but each of them perfect for different parts of this cupboard. Not so perfect for sawing with poor tools though... and he already is no diy-fan, poor fella.. ;) But I'm even more happy and grateful that he did!

the cupboard is after a model with doors at the bottompart. I decided to not make it that way but open at the front with just two shelves. I'll paint the wood behind those two bottomshelves black.

I'm going to stain the topshelves to match the colour of the wood behind it. I actually like the lighter shade of the shelves and the contrast they give to the back, but it will distract from the items I want to display in the cupboard, so they will have to blend in
there will be way more black paint than there is now. Like the inside of the sides, the midsection etc. The only things not black will be the vertical woodstrips behind the shelves in the upper part and all the shelves. The horizontal midsection will also have 2 small (as in 'not high') drawers.

this cupboard is and will be largely assembled with regular in-house items: paintstirrers, coffeestirrers, tonguespatula's. The rest is woodstrips of damaged wooden Roman blinds and some veneer I had (back of the cupboard and the top- and underlayer of the midsection (while the base of that section is also from tonguespatula's and coffeestirrers, but to get a nice even surface I topped it off with veneer)) It doesn't need much work anymore, the drawers being the most of it, but not difficult.

how lucky am I with those bottomplanks?? They are just woodstirrers, but a very nice kind. I've had them for I don't know how many years getting the perfect destination in this cupboard I think. And I don't think you'll find paintstirrers this modestly/naturally rustic or pretty very often! The vertical woodstrips behind them will be black, because I already liked that anyway, but will be doing the planks a bit more justice too I think.

at first I wanted to stain these shelves the colour of the woodstrips, just like I will the topshelves, but I think that would be a shame with the beautiful rustic appearance, so I'll leave these just as they are. Which is their perfect little s(h)elves, haha.

there's some more stuff from longer ago not being able to do the type of thing necessary so far, but will at some point be ready too. Hence the 'calm before the storm', 'cause once I can do something again, I can finish several things/scene's with just minor effort and in a relatively short time and it will seem like a storm of accomplishments!

it's so funny with not that much to tell, I'll find a way to make a very long post of it. It's a gift I guess :D. An annoying gift to some maybe, but a gift nonetheless, hahahahaha :)

take care and till next time :)


  1. Great post, Monique! I loved what you did with your shelves and the recycled wooden blind is genius!!
    I can't wait to see more…

    1. thank you Simon, that's so nice to hear! Haha, I don't know about genius :D, but it was a perfect solution for what I needed. When they got ruined years ago I thought it was such a shame, but I'm real happy they did: they are fantastic for mini's! I hope to show more soon, can't wait to see it finished!

  2. Hello Monique,
    So much wonderful miniatures to come. I can't wait to see your future posts. The cupboard is absolutely beautiful. I love it! Great use of the roman blinds.
    Big hug,

    1. Thank you Giac! How lucky was I that those blinds got ruined right?

  3. I cant wait to see the tutorials. Funny how RL gets in the way of miniatures!

  4. Hi Monique! you have done the cupboard in great style! it gives the impression of real furniture
    A warm hugs

  5. I will be right here waiting for what is to come! It sounds very exciting! The shelving looks great yet something doable for anyone!

    1. Thank you for your enthousiastic response Grandmommy! I hope you like what's coming.. Ant thanks for the compliment and the shelving is indeed very doable for anyone!

  6. Hoooi Monique! Je zegt het zelf ook: wàt een lang verhaal/blogpost, maar wél eentje met previews van wat er komen gaat op dit blog: ik kan niet wachten :D!! Ik ben heeeeel benieuwd naar alles, je belooft wel wat, joh!
    Deze nieuwe kast ziet er tot nu toe heel goed en mooi uit, top! Het zal me benieuwen hoe het eruit zal zien als het helemaal af is, maar het zal ongetwijfeld een echte 'Monique' zijn ;)!
    Bedankt voor jouw reactie op mijn blog en om je vraag te beantwoorden: ik ga idd naar de beurs! Ben er al weken erg druk mee, want ik doe urenlang over het maken/uitvinden van mijn mini's.
    Ivm gezondheid/weinig tijd hoop ik een kleine tafel vol te krijgen en het gaat mij vooral om veel plezier te hebben en om andere miniaturisten te ontmoeten/spreken: leuk ;O!
    Fijne avond en ik kijk uit naar een nieuwe blogpost van jou, hoor :D!
    Groetjes, Ilona

    1. Dank je wel voor je fijne woorden Ilona! haha, ja ben dol op woorden geloof ik ;) Ik vind het erg leuk om te vertellen en het lukt me kennelijk ook gewoon niet goed om het kort te houden.
      Wat ontzettend leuk dat je naar de beurs gaat, ik hoop - maar denk absoluut van wel! - dat het succesvol zal zijn, maar vooral ook erg leuk. Kan me voorstellen dat je erg druk bent daarvoor en sterkte om dat te balanceren met je gezondheid enzo, sterkte! Heel veel plezier!!!

  7. Bonito armario. Me gusta mucho el aspecto del fondo.

  8. Hi Monique,

    WOW! I am excited. I can't wait for the tutorials.

    I love the cupboard. Strange how we all keep things we really have no idea when we will use them and all of a sudden it is exactly what is needed for a project.

    The mini-fridge is great. I would love to have one of those.

    1. Thank you very much Catherine, that's great to read! Haha, yes, that's why we have way too much stuff :D But it's also why we can use wonderful things like this, like you said. I read somewhere recently about people living - or striving - for living with a maximum of a 100 pieces of stuff. I laughed out loud, thinking only my miniatures and stuff for it exceed that by I don't know how much, hahahaha :D That type of lifestyle is just not for creative people and certainly not for miniaturists!

      Thank you, I was quite thrilled about it too to be honest ;). The minifridge wasn't this nice, it's a common one, actually for children I think (I also ordered it in a childrens webstore).. It's some very simple changes I made that made a lot of difference! I wish I could tell you were to get one to be able to change the way I have, but I haven't been able to find them anymore. I will post the info on the bottom of it in my post about the fridge, maybe you'll be able to find it online somewhere?

  9. OOOOOhhh, I LOVE the shelves you are building, Monique! The slatted blind is an Awesome source for the wood... wish I had one of those! LOL! And the fridge project looks Delicious! I have one of those on my "someday" list too! (with a light inside!) I love to see previews... and I love to see the partially realized projects (it gives me hope for my own ufo's!) This post is crammed with great ideas, so I look forward to seeing it all coming together! (And I am slow... but I am working on painting......) :)

    1. Hi sweet Betsy, thank you so much! It is a great source, how lucky can you be with something you love that is damaged right? In miniatures we are happy with all kinds of events as long as it brings us things to work with :D. Haha, I understand, it's always nice to know you're not the only one in something. Please take your time with the painting, I've got all the time and you know that the Oldtique Store is nowhere near realised so I'm in no hurry, please don't feel like you would have to. And enjoy the process, don't worry about if it will be good enough (as I thought you might be ambivalent about, please forgive me if I read it wrong in your email). Bye!

  10. Hi Monique, I'm always excited to see a new post from you and even better that you have so many planned. The fridge looks brilliant and the!. I love the vertical panels on the back. They contrast beautifully with the shelves and I bet, with everything you display on them. The Old Antique Store is going to be awesome! =0)

    1. Thank you Pepper, a comment like that makes me very happy, it's a great compliment! Haha, I've got so many more ideas (not started), I sometimes almost explode with enthousiasm about them! But they will come, I have so much I want to do and make, I really look forward to that. And it is so wonderful that you'll be receiving them with excitement :D And I always very excited about seeing a new post from you too, it's always a surprise what you have done and I always enjoy it a lot!