July 2, 2013

about miniatures on TV and weeds and stuff

I've been meaning to work on my laptop and/or desk whenever possible, but with all that's going on health- and otherwise I just haven't had or have the possibillities at all anymore and won't have for a while, I'm very sorry to say. The positive in that is that I'm doing what's important for me, my health and my loved ones. For the time being I would like to show you something cool I found last year looking for episodes of CSI with a miniature theme I remembered having watched, when Maria posted about a dollshouse in Dexter.

I found the behind the scenes of those CSI-episodes
and I liked watching this - and learning about how they came to doing these and how - a lot! For all of you out there that might enjoy it as much as I did, I'd like to share the links of the video's from youtube (this time I somehow couldn't post the video's directly 'cause Blogger couldn't find them; needs glasses maybe ;) ). It's about 13 minutes in total:

Enjoy! And in time I'll be back, I'm like weed (the garden variety, not the drugs ;D), can stay away - short or long - but I'll always come back (and no worries, I don't see myself as unwanted like weeds usually are, I like to consider myself the kind of weed that has nice little purple flowers like tiny orchids, like the kind that grows in my garden here and there and could be sold as a nice gardenplant) !
something like this, a field-'love-in-idleness'. Source: wikipedia


  1. You take care of yourself and I hope it isn't too long before you feel on top of the world again
    =0) x

  2. You do what's best for you! Take Care!

  3. Te mando mucha fuerza, alegria, llenate de cosas positivas, amor.
    Cuidate, Un beso


  4. Hi Monique, take care of yourself, we'll wait till you're back :D!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. Hi Monique! I am so sorry that you are unwell and yet I can fully understand your need to take a break. Just so you know that I think you have some wonderful skills that I deeply admire and that is coupled with your desire to meet challenges head on mini or otherwise! Take good care of yourself, Monique and we will miss you while you are away but will rejoice when you return.
    God be with you!


  6. Hello Monique,
    Great to hear from you. You are on weed I would welcome in my yard anytime. Take care of yourself and thank you for the links.
    Big hug,

  7. Get well soon, Monique. We'll look forward to your return.

    Incidentally, those CSI episodes were inspired by the "Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death", a series of miniature crime scene dioramas made in the 1930s-1940s, which are STILL being used to train police detectives. There's a great indie documentary on the Nutshells - "Of Dolls and Murder" (if you have a multi-region DVD player available to you), and photographer Corrine May Botz published a book about the Nutshells some years ago.

  8. Thank you all so much, your comments feel like a warm blanket!

    Anna, that's right, I understood that from the behind the scenes that there´re based on a book about crime-scene miniatures, and story of Frances Glessner who made crime-scene diorama's being the closest thing to becoming a cop which was impossible in those days as a woman. And thanks so much for the tips about the documentary and the book, I will certainly look for them someday!

  9. You know what is best for yourself. I'll see you again when you are on top.

  10. Thanks for sharing the interesting story about CSI miniatures. I'm watching CSI reruns at the moment. What a coincidence! IndyPoppy

  11. Hoi Monique, bedankt voor je post; het is altijd weer grappig om iets van poppenhuizen of miniaturen plotseling in een film ofzo te zien. Net als jij ben ik niet erg actief of Blogspot momenteel en precies zoals jij schrijft kan dat ook weer veranderen, afhankelijk van de omstandigheden van het moment. Goed dat je de prioriteiten bij je eigen gezondheid legt en het zorgen voor je directe naasten. Heel veel succes en groetjes!