October 3, 2012


a little inbetween try-thingy: a sock-sweater.
A what? A sock-sweater: a sweater made from a sock of course ;)

Since I do want nice miniature clothes, but can't knit really (not well enough for even a scarf..). It's a trial and error kind of thing, not very satisfied with this version, but still a nice sweater I think. For those winterdays you're on your own and no-one will see you in it & therefore won't notice the bad quality or bad fit, haha! Have one in mind after a sweater I have myself, hopefully that will turn out better. We'll see.

and a photo from the sweater in progress next to the kind of socks it's made of:


  1. Oh, I love it! It looks warm and cozy! :D

  2. This sweater is awesome! your miniatures are sooooo beautiful!

  3. Hi Monique, this is brilliant. Do you have any pointers for me how you go about making this? I can't knit either so this is a great idea. Thanks! Ina

    1. Hi Ina, I can make a tutorial of a sweater one day for you and others that like to know how to do this as well. But this one was really a just doing something kind of thing, not a way to recommend, just to try and see if it would lead to anything useful. I thought I try explaining the way I did it here a bit, but is not going to be clear enough without pictures. So I'm gonna make a tutorial. This can take a while though, but I will do it!