June 4, 2012

started making miniature laptop

my next project is a miniature laptop, after my own. I want it with a light, but even the smallest bulbs were to big (screen would have to be twice as thick with them, which I found unacceptable!), but then I found tiny bulbs, 0,75 mm (!) that would just be right. I'm very curious on how realistic I will be able to make it, but I have some ideas that might bring me close. Just some parts I made to start with, mostly from my beloved thin black plastic that comes with sandwichmeats.

the laptop will be for my to make Oldtique Store, and I will put it in the back of the store on a desk (same space as storage, kitchenblock and toilet). Therefore I made a spreadsheet of some made-up administration for the store and in the left corner internetpages, which shows a small part of an auctionsite (other tabs show IRS (belasting, dutch) info, leasecarinfo and other infosites because the administrationspreadsheat - I decided - is for taxes). Also a yellow memo (left-top) gadget to remind for an auctionmeeting and a calculatorgadget with some numbers obviously for the calculations that are being made. Made a printscreen of that and printed it on a sheet. I'm not sure if it's at all readable and therefore important that all the information is right fitting the project in every detail, but I know it's what it could be in a store like this and I wanted it to be correct.

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