March 30, 2012

fair Arnhem

I went to the fair in the Eusebiuschurch in Arnhem last sunday - the 24th of March - which was a very special and memorable day for me. Since going to a miniaturefair was on my wishlist for a long time, but had'nt been possible for years due to very poor health. What made this day special as well, but in a different way, is that I was able to buy some stunning items from some great artisans and lovely people. A few of those items I just had to show here since I think it's amazing that someone can actually make something so small, but so wonderfull and realistic:
a workbench by Piamini (Serge Piacentino), if you haven't heard of him: he's a great (and charming & enthousiastic) French artist who makes not only beautiful things, but they all actually work! This workbench like a real one is foldable and you can turn the handles in order to move the wooden worktop-parts together or apart... Can you believe something like that? I fell in love instantly!
bowl and vase by Cocky Wildschut, purple glass by Leo Reijnders, knitted socks by Annelies de Kort, eggcup by Stokesay Ware, glass bottle and glass by Gerd Felka, the small wooden vase by Jokra houtdraaiwerk en the larger nut and woodvase is by Gerrit van Werven woodturner

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