February 3, 2012

teatime with a good book

being a tea-a-holic I needed to make a teabag. And since I like to make things as real as possible, it had to be like the real one*

Not easy to make being just 3,25mm wide, but I love the result. I'm going to make more of them to put inside the box, with one 'used' bag on a teasaucer I'll make, a mug after one I have myself and a thermos that I have in 1:1 as well, a bit of a Morrocan one. The plan is to make it in a way you can fill it, screw the cap on and of and poor water out of it too. A nice challenge.. ;) 

*one 'tube' of teabagmaterial folded and glued in a certain way, then - keeping it as a whole - made into two tea-filled compartments that come together at the top. Very carefully glueing one end, filling first compartment, then glue the middle and fill the second compartment, fold them and glue together. And of course with real - very very finely ground - tea 

The book is obviously 'old' and I made it with doublesided-printed pages and sanded the very new looking leather to give it a worn look. I couldn't get the leather right around the spine, but it might give it a little charm because of that. I like the cornerpieces of leather that were quite thick with white edges, but I was fortunately able to make them superthin by simply rubbing of the white (paper) layer with some water.


  1. Very lovely blog and wonderful miniatures! Just saw,I'm the first follower,so welcome to blogger land;-)! Jeannette

  2. Thank you so much Jeannette! I'm quite new and unfamiliar with blogging and hadn't seen your comment yet (did see you became my first follower a couple of weeks ago which made me really happy!). I hope to be able to post a lot more, that's now in my head but hopefully will soon be seen here. LOVE your work by the way!