January 27, 2012

cellophaneholder Oldtique Store

I made this cellophaneholder with a movable frontthing like a real one, which was incredibly hard to get right and fixed in (the exact right) place. I might have cursed a little.. :) It's still in need of some finishing touches, like silvercolored caps around the piping where it meets the (real!) slate and finishing on the ends of the pin that holds the rol of cellophane, but couldn't wait putting a picture in here already. The 'cellophane' by the way is very thin, it's a small piece of waste cellophane-like plastic from I can't remember what. Unfortunately I didn't have enough of it for the roll, but I just started that with a little thicker piece since it's only the last piece you see anyway.


  1. Hi Monique,
    what a winderful idea. And I know, how difficult it is to make as you did. Great job!