December 9, 2011

beautiful pieces

I recently ordered some very beautiful miniatures made by several miniaturists, great artists really. I can't believe the realism and detail, and all so beautifully scaled.
Pottery by Jane Graber (cookiejar, nesting bowls & jug), Butt Hinge (dish with lid), Feltrope (blue jar with lid), Craig Roberts (rustic jar with lid) and Meikljohn (turquoise bowl). The bronze statue 'Brigitta' by Neil Carter, silver cuttlery by Mike Sparrow, silver butter dish by Peter Acquisto, glass items by Glasscraft (cakestand & spray bottles) and Albert (ships decanter), Royal Academy Pictures by Jean Day. The rest is by non-specified makers.
 I'm especially fond of the cuttlery, it's so tiny, but so perfect. I just can't believe someone can make something like that.. All of this will be perfect for my Oldtique Store project!

1 comment:

  1. These are gorgeous, I think I will really like the oldtique store! I already know what I would "buy" from there, definitely the big round pot with lid and the vase beside it :D